Unit 1C Online gallery review Omar Suwaneh

I reviewed a virtual gallery tour as I couldn't go in person,

I went to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (online) and Tate Modern Art Gallery (online). I went on 18th January 2021 (Birmingham) and 2nd February 2021 (Tate Modern London).

At Birmingham Museum I looked round the whole gallery and saw some arts works, statues made of a grey white mud and some arts made of papers that are stuck together. At Tate Modern I looked at the two rooms in the start display, I have also seen the snail that was made by Henri Matisse in 1953. 

At Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery I have done a virtual tour and looked at some of the art works and I also clicked and zoom into the children`s room called mini museum. I also got the time to read some of the notes under the art works that I will not have the chance to do so in real life. You can search for any type of art and see all the images or that e.g. paintings.

At Tate Modern I couldn`t do a virtual tour where you actually walk round as that is not available for this museum but I have some screenshots and also learned about the room two with one of them having the snail by Henri Matisse. I read the information you get about the art work and I listened to the audio about it. Then I did an image analysis of the snail.

The art forms I saw included: Formalism, Biomorphic, Abstract art, Drawing, Sculptures, Painting and Photographs. 

I have been to the Birmingham Museum with my brothers at the start of last year for a quick look inside and when I entered, the first thing I saw was a giant statue which is about 6 to 7 foot tall. I also went to the third floor where I looked at some of the arts on the wall and read a note written under them. So this is similar but  haven’t done an image analysis before.

The snail was unexpected because I think there was not enough work done about it and also seem easy to do. I am not saying that it doesn`t look good because the artists that did the art was not feeling strong so he couldn`t do it properly.  

Some of the arts are good as it reminds you about the things that happened a hundred years ago. Example: the old electric power station in Tate Modern. I liked how these used the building and turned into a gallery.

There was nothing I didn’t like because I am really into arts and I like events that usually take part or are about arts. It was a shame we couldn’t go in person but it was good you could still have a look online.

I’ve learnt  about what type of arts are there and also how important they are in the galleries as it brings back memories. I managed to learn about art works and also know more about the artists that did them by reading and listening to audios about them and their background.

I will take away that you can still find a way to look at arts online even though you can’t go to galleries at the moment. And that you can learn a lot about the art when you read the information or listen to the audio like I learnt why Matisse did a different simple style for the snail.

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