What is Arts Award on Voice?

Welcome to Arts Award on Voice

This is the official hub of participants of Arts Award to give you ideas, stories and inspiration to help complete your Arts Award. It's brought to you from Voice Magazine, the hub for views on arts, culture, tech and politics.

Here you will find artists to research, resources to help you run workshops and projects, and ideas to help you research and complete each section of your Arts Award. And, if you've already completed your Arts Award qualification, you can still get support by checking out our life after Arts Award section.

Want to share your Arts Award experience and ideas with others? Get in voice with Arts Award Editor, Nici, to find out how you can help, or simply sign-up and start contributing here.

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What is Voice Magazine?

Voice Magazine is a youth-led online magazine, open blogging platform and space to promote events and opportunities for young creatives. You can read and participate with Voice Magazine without having any experience with Arts Award.

At Voice Magazine we are passionate about young people's views. We know how much you have to say about the arts, culture and the quickly changing (and at times very troubling) world around us. We aim to offer the biggest and best stage possible to get your views heard.

That's why we designed Voice as a platform to focus on the things we care about: youth opinion, lively debate and interrogation of the arts and cultural world as we know it. We aim to bring you contemporary, thoughtful and provocative pieces. Arts, culture, politics and technology all interlink, and we want to explore that connection with you through interviews, features and comment pieces. Our editorial team care about these issues, and seek to provide a platform for engaging dialogue.

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