Advice for Advisers

Advice for Advisers

Looking for help and inspiration for young people doing Arts Award? Arts Award Voice offers ideas and support that you and your groups can access any time. It's free and has fresh content from young people who've been through it themselves.

Here’s our top tips for helping your group to make the most of Arts Award Voice.

1    First up, if you’re new to Arts Award Voice, take a tour round the site with Sienna, Gold Achiever and former Voice Assistant Editor 

2    Register for free and encourage your group to do so.

This gives you and your group access to the BronzeSilver and Gold Hubs which offer step-by-step guides for young people through each part of their Arts Award with real portfolio examples and portfolio prompts to download.

3    The Build your portfolio section is designed to show young people how to use Voice to post reviews and blogs and undertake research into artists and arts organisations for their award. Also shares some other digital platforms. Take a look around!  

4    Voice’s portfolio collection feature enables young people to gather together work for moderation in their profile. It’s not a full portfolio but displays all their Arts Award posts in a simple framework.

Young people can choose only to share posts with their adviser and group by ticking the box 'Only show on my profile & portfolio' and sharing the link.

5    Hear from Arts Award achievers
Hearing how others achieved their award can be inspiring for young people, especially at the beginning of their Arts Award journey. 
Check out Arts Award case studies 
Or meet past achievers in our  Where are they now? series to see the careers Arts Award can lead to.

6    Use how-to guides for creative inspiration
We've collated a wide selection of How-to guides which offer a variety of practical tips and tools from young creatives. From how to network as a young artist to how to be a theatre producer, use these so inspire your group.