How to use Voice for your Arts Award Portfolio

There are lots of features on Voice that can help you complete your Arts Award portfolio. Voice was built by young people who were doing their awards and understood what you're looking for

How to use Voice for your Arts Award Portfolio

Most of the current Voice Team have Arts Award experience, so while Voice magazine covers the full range of arts and culture for young people, the website can also be used by Arts Award participants to post content which you can then use in your Arts Award portfolio. Here's a quick overview of how:


Blogging is a great way of describing your Arts Award journey, or telling the story of your training or work experience, or sharing your reflection on what you've achieved through doing Arts Award. Although do remember that blogs on Voice are public!


Unit 1 Part A - Extend your own arts practice
Blog about your strengths, weaknesses and plan for challenging yourself to develop your creative work.

Unit 1 Part B - Get involved in the arts world
Blog about a training day you went on, a week's work experience or other opportunity you got involved with.

Unit 1 Part D - Form and communicate a view
Use the blog to post your opinion piece - whether it's written, video or audio file. Then your friends can comment on it.

Unit 2 - All parts
Share your plans and evaluations as a blog. You might even post a 'photo blog' showing what happened during your leadership project!


Unit 1 Part A - Identify and plan an arts challenge
Blog about your strengths, weaknesses and plan for challenging yourself in your artistic development.

Unit 1 Part B - Implement and review the arts challenge -
Share a photo blog of you developing your skills, and review your experience of the challenge you set yourself. What did you learn?

Unit 1 Part D - Arts pathways
Blog about the opportunities you've found, about the workshops you've done and what you've learnt about the practitioners you've met.

Unit 2 - All Parts
Share your plans and evaluations as a blog. You might even post a 'photo blog' showing what happened during your leadership project!


Part A - Take part
Do a blog talking about the activity you did, what you enjoyed, learned and how your skills improved. It could be a photo blog with pictures of you doing the activity, or you can embed a video.

Part C - Arts inspiration
Give us a blog like the interviews we do for Want My Job? about the artist or creative practitioners you're finding out about. Remember to give a bit more detail about who they are, their career path, training and why you chose to research them.

Part D - Arts skills share
Post a blog with a video or pictures of you sharing your skills. Or post a 'how to' guide and ask the people you're teaching to post their feedback under your blog.


Part A - Inspire
Write a blog telling us about the two or more activities you've taken part in, and tell us and what inspired you. Do add photos or a videos.

Part B - Explore
Blog about the artist or arts organisations you're researching - tell us who you chose and what you found out.

Part D - Present
Use a blog or vlog to share your arts exploration with others. What have you enjoyed doing? What have you learnt? Ask people to post comments under your blog.


Part A - Discover
Write a blog sharing the activities you've done and the different art forms you have looked at. Add pictures or a video showing you taking part.

Part B - Explore
Blog about the artist and arts organisations you're researching - tell us who you chose and what you found out.

How to...vlog / How to...write an opinion piece in under 500 words

View Blogs >> / Post your own blog >>


We're well known for our reviews on Voice. You can't walk around Edinburgh Fringe without seeing our reviews quoted on show partners, and in 2017 we were the Youth Media Partner for Brighton Fringe Festival So we have lots of examples on our site, and some very popular guides about writing reviews.

A key part of Arts Award is gaining cultural experiences. That could be visiting theatres, galleries or other live events or venues. It could also be watching films, appraising digital creativity, reading a book or even browsing the digital collection of a museum.

You can use our reviews area to share your thoughts on these experiences. You could write the review or embed a video of you talking to camera if you prefer. Share the link with friends and they can comment on your review too. So which parts of Arts Award do you need to review for?

Gold - Unit 1 Part C

Silver - Unit 1 Part C

Bronze - Part B

Jake Orr: How to...write reviews for the web / How an event / How to…review an exhibition

View Review >> / Post your own review >>

Events & Opportunities

So you have a place to post your reviews, now you need things to review! Our events and opportunities pages offer listings of workshops, performances and training. Do take a look at what's on offer.

We also recommend that you join our site to get occasional updates from us which will include the latest opportunities from us and our partners. And for more research, being a member of the site gives you access to the Arts Award Youth Network, and our page full of useful arts websites.

So which parts of your Arts Award portfolio might you find events & opportunities useful for?

Gold - Unit 1 Parts C & B

Silver - Unit 1 Part C

Bronze - Parts A & B

Explore - Part A

Discover - Part A

View Events & Opportunities >> / Post your own event >> / Post your own opportunity >>


Conducted by our wonderful team of young Voice Reporter, you can find interviews and articles about all sorts of jobs and arts organisations. The main interviews you'll be keen on for research are Want My Job/ (Research in to artists) and What Goes On At? (Researching organisations).

These interviews will help get you through:

Gold - Unit 1 Parts B & C

Silver - Unit 1 Part D

Bronze - Part C

Explore - Part B

Discover - Parts A & B

Read Interviews >>

Use Voice to contribute to your portfolio

When you post your own content, you can even mark it as for your portfolio. It doesn't create your whole portfolio, but it helps you collect your portfolio relevant content in to one place, by level of Arts Award. Here's a quick guide on how to do that...

If you would rather not get comments from our wider community you can still post content to Voice and tick the box that says "Only show on my profile & portfolio" which means it's accessible only from your profile, or portfolio page if you've also selected that.  Meaning you can give a moderator the link to your specific portfolio such as:

And do you want more inspiration for your portfolios? Or need any more detailed help. Then check out our hubs for Gold & Bronze Arts Awards. We talk you through each part, provide examples and links to useful tools.

Last but not least, make use of our How To Guides. They provide practical advice and help for both your Arts Award and creative careers.


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