Build your Arts Award portfolio with Voice

There are lots of features on Voice that can help you complete your Arts Award portfolio from sharing your blogs and reviews to finding arts events. 

Build your Arts Award portfolio with Voice

Arts Award on Voice has lots of tools to help you create your Arts Award portfolio. You can share your blogs, reviews, videos or interviews, find out about events and opportunities and get feedback on your ideas. Using Voice to host your portfolio immediately counts as sharing your work with an audience as people from across the Voice community can read and comment their feedback on your pieces! Clever innit?

Share your portfolio with Voice to link it all together and get ideas from the Arts Award community! Here's how: 

How to use Voice to make your Arts Award portfolio collection

Write a blog or make a vlog 

Blogs are opinion pieces and are a great way of describing your Arts Award journey and sharing it publicly with others. Tell the story of your training or work experience and share reflections about your achievements so far. If you want to write about a big arts issue, this is the place!

There are many units of Arts Award that involve you writing blogs, for example, Part D arts skills share for Bronze level, or Unit 1 Part D, form and communicate a view for Gold level. For ideas of what to blog about for each Arts Award level, head over to the Bronze, Silver or Gold hubs. 

Check out these tips from Rants N Bants about forming an opinion: 

How to form an opinion

Read blogs >> / Post your own blog >>

Write a review 

You can write a review of any arts activity, film release, book, art exhibition, video game, you name it, as part of your Arts Award portfolio! A good review is around 200-400 words, or you could even try a video review. 

A key part of Arts Award is gaining cultural experiences: from visiting theatres, galleries or other live events, watching films, appraising digital creativity, reading a book or even browsing the digital collection of a museum. Share your review on Voice to build your portfolio collection and encourage feedback from the Voice community. There are various different parts of Arts Award that you need to write reviews for, from Unit 1 Part C for Gold, Unit 1 Part C for Silver or Part B for Bronze. 

Read these tips from Bhavesh for writing a good review:

How to write a review

Read Reviews >> / Post your own review >>

Create a portfolio collection and share it with your moderator

Using Voice helps you to gather all of your Arts Award portfolio materials in one place, and by marking anything you post as your portfolio you can create collections by Arts Award levels for Bronze, Silver and Gold. Here's a quick guide on how to do that.

If you don't want comments from our wider community you can still post content to Voice. Just tick the box that says 'only show on my profile & portfolio' to make it accessible only from your profile, or portfolio page if you've also selected that. You can give a moderator the link to your specific portfolio, such as

Research artists and practitioners

Conducted by our wonderful team of young Voice Reporters, you can find interviews and articles about all sorts of jobs and arts organisations. Want My Job interviews can help you research artists and What Goes On At? are exclusive behind the scenes look of arts organisations. 

These interviews will help get you through Unit 1 Parts B and C for Gold, Unit 1 Part D for Silver, Part C for Bronze, Part B for Explore and Parts A & B for Discover. Head over to the Bronze, Silver or Gold hubs for more inspiration and guidance with your Arts Award. 

Check out this guide from Joanna Bailey for tips on researching arts practitioners:  


Read Interviews >>

Find events and opportunities 

So you have a place to post your reviews, now you need things to review! Our events and opportunities pages offer listings of workshops, performances and training. Do take a look at what's on offer.

We also recommend that you join our site to get occasional updates from us which will include the latest opportunities from us and our partners. And for more research, being a member of the site gives you access to the Arts Award Youth Network, and our page full of useful arts websites.

So, which parts of your Arts Award portfolio might you find events & opportunities useful for? Unit 1 Parts C and B for Gold, Unit 1 Part C for Silver, Parts A & B for Bronze, and Parts A for both Explore and Discover. 

Here's a guide from Nici to help you find work placements and opportunities:

How to research work placements

View Events & Opportunities >> / Post your own event >> / Post your own opportunity >>

Arts Award Hubs

Get more inspiration and find out exactly what to do to achieve your Arts Award. Check out the Hubs for Gold, Silver & Bronze Arts Awards as we talk you through each part, give examples and links to useful tools. 

Find how-to-guides

Last but not least, make use of our how-to-guides to find practical advice for both Arts Award and leading a creative career.

Find Arts Award digital portfolios

Check out these digital portfolios for inspirations and ideas of other places online you can build yours. 

Share your Arts Award story

Have you successfully achieved your Arts Award? Tell us your story and we'll profile you on Arts Award Voice and other Arts Award publicity. Check some of our current case studies.


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