How to form and communicate an opinion from Rants N Bants

To help us explore the best ways to form and express an opinion we got in touch with one of the most opinionated people around: Rants N Bants. 

How to form and communicate an opinion from Rants N Bants

How do you form an opinion? And, even if you have an opinion, how do you develop enough of an understanding of the subject to know that your opinion is rounded? Or at least be aware of your possible prejudices and ignorances? Of course, for many, forming an opinion comes easy. But even then, what’s the best way to express it if you want others to fully understand your view? 

b5ce70213f3554dbdf69c207c0acdba1616f5622.jpgForming and communicating a view is about more than just expressing your thoughts. To have a fully rounded opinion you should be able to research and understand a range of different views on the thing you care about. It's also important to be able to support your argument with facts. You could see sharing an opinion as joining a debate club; you want to be able to sway someone with your opinion, or at least get them to understand your point of view.

To help us explore the best ways to form and express an opinion, we got in touch with one of the most opinionated people around, Rants N Bants. He’s a vlogger with millions of views and a political correspondent for VICE. The 29-year-old is well known for his upfront social and political commentary. His personal journey has taken him from footballer to personal trainer, and his frank and honest vlogs on politics have got millions listening. 

Check out this video interview (below) with Rants N Bants where he offers his advice on: how to get your voice heard, what to do if you want to express an opinion and what to consider when sharing your opinion on a public platform. And for those of you that are looking to create vlogs as part of your Gold Arts Award portfolio, Rants N Bants shares top tips on how to make a great vlog. 

Shout out to all those completing their Gold Arts Award! This is really helpful advice for Unit 1: Part D.

Watch the video below to hear what Rants N Rants has to say: 

Catch more from Rants N Bants at

We recorded this interview at the Voice Magazine’s 'Young & Opinionated' workshop, part of MozFest House 2017 at the Royal Society of Arts in London.

What to do next? 

Head over to Voice Magazine for more views from young people passionate about the arts, culture, politics and tech. 

Stay in the Arts Award on Voice Gold Hub for more ideas and inspiration if you’re doing your Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards, or careers advice is you've recently finished. 


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