Reviewing Supporters

Reviewing Supporters

Want to write a review of an arts or cultural event? Why not visit one of our Arts Award Supporters? Read our advice on writing a good review for the web and of events. Then log in and post your review – here's some hints and tips

When you're ready to publish...

1 Pick the Supporter from a dropdown if they're also on Voice when you upload your review and it will appear on their profile as well as showing up in Voice Reviews.  Supporters can choose to be an 'Organisation on Voice' too and that means you'll find them in the 'Organisations' dropdown if they are.

2 Ensure you fill in the other fields 

Include other tags too – what type of event did you go to? which art form? what Arts Award level is it suitable for?

3 Share your review on social media

It's great to share your review and encourage others to come and comment on it.

Remember- do post your review as quickly as possible so that it can encourage other people to go and see the event!