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Welcome to the Gold Hub. I'm Nici, the Arts Award Editor and I'll be bringing you weekly updates with opportunities, news, contacts and case studies to help you move forward with your Gold Arts Award. You can read my weekly quick links towards new articles in Voice magazine as well as new resources I get my hands on. Scroll down for updates on social media from people currently doing their Gold Awards.

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Find out what you need to do for Gold Unit 1 (Personal Arts Development) and Unit 2 (Arts Project Leadership) by hitting the circles above or the side menu. There are lots of ideas from other young people for achieving each part!

Quick Links

Gold Arts Award Photography project by Joanna Bailey

"I have been able to develop my innovative practice in photography while learning new skills that have enhanced my capabilities as an aspiring artist. In my experience of many photography forms and techniques, I have been moved to experiment." View Joanna's portfolio.

How to form and communicate an opinion from Rants N Bants

To help us explore the best ways to form and express an opinion we got in touch with one of the most opinionated people around: Rants N Bants. Watch the interview.

How to plan a project by Grace McCabe

Planning a new project can be a little daunting or stressful, but if you know some good tips, it can relieve a lot of pressure and help you focus on each step. Read these six steps to help you plan your project.

Doing Gold Arts Award by Shelby Johnston

While catching up about her work at See Think Make and Mozfest, we asked Shelby a few questions about the Gold Arts Award she's also doing.

Gold Spotlight

Owen Daughtery Gold Arts Award Achiever

Read about the experiences of other people who have achieved their Gold Arts Award, centres that run it, and Arts Award Supporters.

"I decided to base my project around my passion for software coding and aerial (a circus acrobatics skill), which you can see me demonstrating on the left, along with learning computer hardware and adding that in."

"During the year of the course me and the other Creative Technologists went to Manchester to visit "The Imitation Game" art gallery, where robotics and AI software were being exhibited, along with the "Future Everything" festival." Read more about Owen Daughtery's Gold Arts Award.

People doing Gold Awards are shouting about it in the social sphere! Well done all, keep it coming...

Personal Arts Development

For Gold Unit 1: personal arts development, you need to extend your knowledge and skills as an artist, explore the professional arts world and form a view on an arts issue. You'll be covering vital areas of interest for anyone working in the arts and we have lots of interviews on Voice to help you find out more: What goes on at...? showcases different cultural organisations; Backstage at... takes you behind-the-scenes; and Want my job? interviews creative professionals about what they do day-by-day.

Here's the low down on Unit 1 - click the link to get all the details about each part and more ideas about how to get yours done.

Chris Hill/Part A, Extend Arts Practice

Part A: extend your own arts practice

Extend your arts practice by developing new arts skills in another art form, genre or practice.
Work as an artist or in a 'behind the scenes' role like arts marketing or technical theatre.
Collaborate with someone else – a friend with specialist expertise; a more advanced practitioner; a teacher. Then produce an original piece of work which is influenced by the skills you've learned in the new arts area.
Share the work you make with others and review how this goes.

Have a look at the highlights of Chris Hill's Unit 1 on YouTube.

Part B, Get Involved

Part B: get involved in the arts world

Find out about opportunities to develop your arts skills and think about what you want to do in the future.
Take part in training or volunteer at an arts organisation. Aim for at least 5 days volunteering / work placement or 2 days training.

Read about Kate who volunteered and shadowed practitioners at lots of music projects.

Shaun The Sheep review

Part C: research and review

Find out about more advanced arts practitioners in your arts practice.
Experience their work, their career paths and the organisations that support them.
Review as many arts events, exhibitions, performances or organisations as you can. These can range from venue-based performances to street art to live-streaming online.

Check out reviews and interviews by young people on Voice.

Form and communicate a viewPart D: form and communicate a view

Explore an issue in the arts that interests you and form your own opinion. It might be a big issue in the arts or one that is very local to you.
Put together an argument based on your research and present your case to others. Find out what other people think of your opinion.

Check out the opinion pieces written on a range of topics on Voice.

Read these How To Guides by our Arts Award Activists to help you through each part of this unit...

How to present your arts practiceHow to find an arts placementHow to write a review of an eventHow to form and express your opinion

Check out our Unit 1 video playlist of art work young people made doing their Gold Arts Award - films, music videos and whatever we can find, so contact us if we can add your Unit 1 creation to the playlist

We've also got films of young people talking about how they made their Arts Award portfolio - take a look here portfolios on video...

Arts Project Leadership

For Gold Unit 2: Arts Project Leadership, you'll take charge of running an arts project, build your skills as an effective leader and share your project with a public audience. You'll need to show how you've have taken independent responsibility for every aspect of your project, from planning to delivery to evaluation.

You may find this a challenging part of the Gold Award as it'll take you out of your comfort zone! But it is definitely rewarding when you look back on it and you'll probably find you have skills you never realised before. Popular ways to do Unit 2 are directing a theatre show, curating an exhibition, organising a film screening, creating a magazine or running a series of workshops in your community.

Here's what you need to the links for the details about each Part plus useful tools for getting yours in the bag.



Plan all aspects of your arts leadership project:

Identify the qualities of a leader and the personal leadership skills they want to develop.

Identify the aims and outcomes of the project and organise the people and resources.

Consider how you'll gather feedback on the project's progress.

Read the full description of this element of the Gold Arts Award here.

Doing stuff


Run the project and share it with a public audience:

Demonstrate how you're working effectively with others and developing your leaderships skills.

Plan and manage the public sharing of your project and gather feedback.

Read the full description of this element of the Gold Arts Award here.

Reviewing feedback


Collect feedback from participants, audience, and other stakeholders:

Evaluate the success of the project and your own leadership skills.

Consider your achievements and the things you would improve next time.

Compile a project report which includes your own thoughts and feedback you've gathered throughout the project.

Read the full description of this element of the Gold Arts Award here.

Here are some Unit 2 sections from Gold Arts Award portfolios. Take a look and see what these guys did to achieve this unit. We'd love to share your digital portfolio here once you've got your Gold Award - email us at or tweet us at @ArtsAwardVoice!

Kienan - graffiti workshopsHannah - public debate at the Tate ModernJamie - Filmmaking workshopBhavesh - co-ordinating the Gold Hub

Many people doing their Gold Arts Award use video to plan and evaluate their project. Take a look at these examples - and if you've recorded your own planning or evaluation, you know how to get in touch!

Your Portfolio Says It All

We've searched out some great Gold portfolios created entirely digitally for you to look through. You can use sites and online apps like Wix and Wordpress, which are popular choices for Golds. You may be able to use your Gold portfolio for interviews in future, so make sure it really represents you and your art work well. If you want to show off your Gold portfolio once you've got your award, email us a link at or tweet us at @artsawardvoice.

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Dom Green | YouTube

Tom Inniss | WordPress

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Hannah Kemp-Welch | Cargo Collective

Bhavesh Jadva | Arts Award Voice

Portfolios on video

Hope you enjoyed looking through these digital portfolios - check back as we're uploading new ones all the time. We've also persuaded a few people to share their portfolios on screen, so hear from them at Arts Award portfolios on video