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This is your space to keep in touch with Arts Award and other young people, as well as get some useful benefits and support for Life after Arts Award. What To Do includes all our benefits and key links to support. Need inspiration for your future career? Check out Creative Careers on Voice


The Arts Award Voice community is open to anyone working toward or who's achieved an Arts Award  - and it's run by a bunch of people who did their own Arts Awards! We source ideas, opportunities and benefits which help you achieve your award or move into your 'Life After Arts Award'. We also share news from past Arts Award achievers, whether they are now a film maker, musician or working in TV.

We want to keep in touch with you when you've finished your award to find out what happens next and whether Arts Award helps you achieve your dreams (it worked for us!)  Please update your profile with the month you started and again with the month you completed to join the Arts Award Alumni register.

Check out what's on offer below and do get in touch to tell us what else we can do for you: [email protected] 

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Offers and Opportunities

Get your hands on high street discounts and take advantage of cultural opportunities

Check out the deals and opportunities available for Arts Award participants and alumni - and look for friendly Arts Award Supporters in your area.

Become an Arts Award adviser

If you enjoyed doing your Arts Award and you're already 18, you might want to offer it to others as an Arts Award adviser.  If you've achieved an Arts Award yourself, you can claim 15% off the cost of adviser training - book on the Arts Award website and fill in this short form to get your discounted invoice.

Get online for less

When you're starting a freelance career or any creative business you'll need a web presence. There's so many social channels out there now and Google is a default for anyone looking for something.  Getting a simple website online is key to starting out and showing off your offer.  Cloud Artisans offers you 30% of all website hosting packages - making it just £20.99 per year for personal hosting. Just use the promo code ARTSAWARD at cahost.co.uk 

Lots more discounts & deals

Want to save some money on things you like to do, or materials you need? We've partnered with Benefits Cloud to bring you access to discounts that change every day. You'll find discounts in clothes shops, for computer accessories, on experience days, on mini-breaks and even more. You can browse some of the offers straight away or sign-up with the 'Organisation Code' of 'ARTSAWARD'.

Please note your use of Benefits Cloud will be subject to their terms & conditions.

Arts Award Supporters

You can often save money or find a new opportunity using the offers from Arts Award Supporters. These organisations throughout the UK offer discounted tickets, work experience or space for young artists. Find your local Arts Award Supporter below and see what they provide.

Life After Arts Award

So where does Arts Award lead? 

Doing Arts Award can really help you find your ideal creative career, and it's just as valuable if you're heading in another direction. Arts Award helps you develop creative thinking, leadership, problem-solving, team work and communication skills, all of which make you stand out when going for a college place or job. Check out our blog on how to make Arts Award work for you.

If you're planning a creative career, browse our Want my job? series on Voice or hear from past Arts Award achievers in our Where are they now? interviews.  Thinking of setting up as a freelance creative practitioner? Here's some advice about HMRC (Tax) and how to be a self employed creative and becoming a creative company.

If you do Gold Award you'll get UCAS points to add to your uni application. And you'll also have a beautiful portfolio to show at interview. Although remember University isn't your only option - Gold achiever Joshua shares his thoughts on this...

For further industry and career research, check out our useful websites page, or look through these links to Creative Career Workshops and Creative Mentoring and look at joining a local group from our Networking tab.

Keep in touch with Arts Award by joining our Alumni for an occasional newsletter - Arts Award KIT - and other opportunities. Just tell us when you completed your Arts Award in your profile.

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Jobs and Training

Keep an eye on our growing list of opportunities on Voice for job postings and training activities.

You can also find more on Discover Creative Careers and Arts Jobs

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Help and support comes to those who ask for it!

And the cultural sector demonstrates this best. It's about working together and sharing knowledge. Who should I ask to use that space? How shall I compile my Arts Award portfolio? Where can I get funding for my project? Anybody know a good drummer?

Arts Award prepares you for a creative life in so many ways. And if you want to meet like-minded individuals, ask for help achieving the higher levels, or advice on, say, which drama schools to apply to - then get on over to our Facebook group. If you're concerned about using Facebook for networking, then don't be! Here's some guidance we've put together to help you with using several social media platforms - with links to how you can ensure your privacy is sorted...

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