Welcome to the Arts Award Alumni

Welcome to the Arts Award Alumni


Here at Voice, we're on the search for past achievers of Arts Award! We know that many of you have entered creative careers and we want to keep in touch with you (and find out if Arts Award helped you find your path). If you're just stepping into your creative career, we've got lots of help and guidance, plus some good year-round benefits to offer you. 

We especially want to know what you're up to - there's some questions in your user profile here on Voice.  So simply login to answer them (or register now if you haven't already).

Join our community by registering on Voice, and ensure you select which Arts Awards you've completed and roughly when. Then head over to the Arts Award Voice Community Hub and see what we've got on offer. Here's a taste of the benefits:

And you'll also get the benefits of staying in touch with Voice...

So join us now, keep in touch with Arts Award and let's grow the next generation of arts leaders and show we can take on the world in any career choice we make.  

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