Get Involved

Voice is open to everyone!* It really is that simple.

  • If you want to write, vlog, podcast, blog or review, Voice is for you. Registration is easy and you can publish your pieces directly to the site.

* If you are under 13 you can still post your work, but must have the permission of an adult - parent or supervisor

So, what can you post?

  • Reviews

You can write a review of any art form. Film releases, books, art exhibitions, video name it! Reviews should be around 200-400 words, or if you feel really fancy, you could try a video review!

Tips for writing a good review:

Jake Orr: How to...write reviews for the web / How an event

The team also regularly post reviews, and visit some of the bigger art festivals to run full coverage. If you're interested in reviewing in a more professional capacity, please do contact us. We run a local reporters programme for reviewing in your area and a yearly national reporters programme for upcoming writers and journalists.

  • Blogs

Blogs are opinion pieces. They can be about something that you have done, or something that is happening in the art world. If you want to write about a big arts news story, this is the place.

Tips for creating a good blog/vlog:

How to...vlog / How to...write an opinion piece in under 500 words

  • Events and Opportunities

Centres and supporters are free to post events and opportunities for young people. We're always on the lookout for great competitions and networking opportunities for young creatives, so please do put anything forwards that you think might be of interest. Please make sure events and opportunities are age appropriate and include the full details: date, time, location, booking link, entry deadline etc.

Where do you post?

If you already have an account and are logged in, click on the links below to begin publishing your work. If you don't have an account you can open an account here.





A few reminders before posting.

  • Use good quality photographs (around 800px wide)
  • Make sure you spell and copy check before publishing onto the site (ask a friend or family member to check over if you aren't sure, and if you're publishing on behalf of a young person, please check yourself before)
  • If you copy and paste directly from Word, select 'paste and match style' in your browser dropdown.
  • Once you've saved your article, go to the edit page and click the 'cropping' tab at the top. This lets you choose the best crops for your photo.
  • If something doesn't look right to you, please do get in touch, we'd be happy to help.