Welcome to Arts Award on Voice

Welcome to Arts Award on Voice, a dedicated area of Voice magazine that offers inspiration, ideas and resources to help you achieve your Arts Award. 

June is Pride Month, and there is no better place to discover, explore or celebrate individuality than through the arts. Creativity flourishes with authenticity, and we support the LGBTQ+ community in being their authentic selves. Why not use the joy of Pride Month to explore the rich array of LGBTQ+ talent, and learn more about their stories and experiences through arts and culture.

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Tom Inniss, Editor


Try out new things and make your own art

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Take part in the arts, go to events, get inspired by artists, share your skills

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Set yourself an arts challenge, become an arts critic, lead others

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Grow as an artist, get real experience in the arts world, then run your own project.

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How Do I Get Going?

You need to find yourself an Arts Award centre and work with an Arts Award adviser. You can also follow us for more tips online

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What's It Worth?

Arts Awards are qualifications. They look good on your CV and can help you into college. You create a portfolio of work to take to interviews.

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Ideas to support your award

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