Big news! We've completely redesigned the Bronze and Silver Hubs on Voice! The hubs offer you ideas and inspiration to help you complete your Arts Award and you can find out exactly what you need to do for each section. We'd love you to check out the new look and features and tell us what you think. Read more and share your opinion. 

Brighton Fringe has kicked off and we've got a steady stream of reviews coming through from our dedicated team of contributors and reviewers. Why not check out the festival yourself, or read about what's been happening. This month we're also all about activism. What really gets you twisted? What changes do you wish you could make in the world? Writer and performer Jackie Hagan talks to us about diversity, inclusion and social action. Follow the Activism Voicebox.

Nici West, Arts Award Editor, nici@artsawardvoice.com


Try out new things and make your own art

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Take part in the arts, go to events, get inspired by artists, share your skills

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Set yourself an arts challenge, become an arts critic, lead others

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Grow as an artist, get real experience in the arts world, then run your own project from beginning to end

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How Do I Get Going?

You need to find yourself an Arts Award centre and work with an Arts Award adviser. You can also follow us for more tips online

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What's It Worth?

Arts Awards are qualifications. They look good on your CV and can help you into college. You create a portfolio of work to take to interviews.

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