How to Post

How to Post

You can post your own writing or opportunities straight to the Voice site. You are also more than welcome to add your own comments to any of our posts on Voice and we'd love you to get involved and share your own opinions and activities.

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What's What


Blogs can be many things, from a personal account of a piece of work you have undertaken, to an opinion about a big news story.


This is a shout out for any upcoming events, either that you’re running or that you think our community would like to attend. Please make sure that events are age appropriate for our audience, and be sure to include the full details: date, time, location, booking link.


This is a call out to enter any competitions, job roles or creative briefs. Please make sure that they are appropriate for our readers’ age and interests, and be sure to include the full details: date, deadline, how to enter or take it up.


Reviews are - quite simply - reviews of arts events and releases. These can cover many things, from new video games to theatre shows, books and films to new music. We appreciate these being posted as close to the time as possible so they’re still relevant, and be sure to include details about where people can get tickets if this is a live event. 

How to Post

To get started, you’ll need to register for an account.

If you have an account and are logged in, use the shortcut links below to begin publishing your work:

Blogs | Events | Opportunities | Reviews

Helpful Tips

Here are a few reminders to help make sure that your posts look their best!

  • Please be sure to have a good quality image for your article (around 800px wide)

  • Please make sure that you have run a full spelling and copy check before publishing onto the site - why not ask a friend or family member to check over if you aren't sure?

  • Please make sure that your work isn't formatted, if you are copying and pasting directly from Word, make sure that you select 'paste and match style' in your browser dropdown.

  • It makes your article look much stronger if you choose a good image crop. Once you've saved your article, go back into the edit page and click on the 'cropping' tab at the top. This allows you to select the best possible crop for your image.

  • If something doesn't look right to you, or you aren't sure that your work has formatted correctly, please do get in touch, we'd be happy to help: [email protected]

And if you’re stuck on how to review something, you can check out our review guide!

House Rules

To keep our community safe and inclusive we have a set of House Rules that everyone is expected to follow. These include: 

  • Don't post abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic or sexually explicit content or comments

  • Don't bully or intimidate other users

  • Don't advertise commercial ventures for profit, or spam generally

  • Don't post any content on this website that you don’t have permission 

  • Do comment on other people’s work and be constructive

  • Do get your parent or guardian's permission to register (if you're under 16)

  • Do make use of our content warning function if your post might be inappropriate for under-16s, or discusses subject matter that might trigger distress

You can read all of our House Rules here

Icons on the Site

You may have noticed that there are different icons that show on articles now. This our way of quickly showing you some more information about the post - whether it was written by the Voice team or our great community, and if it’s Arts Award related.

Voice Team

Any post that has the Voice logo on it means it comes from one of the Voice team and has probably been edited before posted.

Voice Community

If you see the white Voice logo then this means that it is a user-generated post by one of the thousands of great people we have in the Voice community. This post will not have been edited by the Voice team.

Arts Award Content

If you spot an Arts Award ‘A’ on a post, this means that it is content that sits on our Arts Award on Voice website - a dedicated area for those interested in the programme.