Meet the Voice Team

Meet our vibrant Voice Team and find out what they do!

Tom Inniss - Editor

Tom is the Editor for Voice, overseeing all content. He's in charge of editorial planning, editing work from Voice Reporters, and commissioning. From a young age he has held a keen interest in politics, media, and technology. To further explore the three and how they intersect, he undertook a degree in politics and a masters in journalism.

Tom is always keen to hear new voices, so contact him to discuss a pitch or features idea at, and read his work here.

Bhavesh Jadva - Arts Award Editor & Media Editor

Bhavesh is the Arts Award Editor taking care of Arts Award on Voice where you can find advice, inspiration, case studies and resources if you're doing an Arts Award. He's also Voice Media Edior, covering film, television, photography and music content with a particular interest in diversity. Bhav has a Film and Media degree and is currently tackling his MA in Social Anthropology!

Contact Bhav with your Arts Award news or to talk about media at You can also find his profile here.

Cath Carver - Voice Development Manager

Cath is the Voice Development Manager taking care of brand strategy, marketing and partnerships. Cath's background spans , urban space, visual arts, dance, music, consumer trends and fashion. She is a colour expert, urban visionary, artist, writer and creative project lead. Cath is the founder of Colour Your City. She has also led projects and workshops with world-leading organisations such as Greenpeace, TrendWatching, Centre for Sustainable ashion at London College of Fashion, Blippar, TEDx and the artist Camille Walala.

Contact Cath about partnerships, events/festivals and advertising at, and read her writings here.

Luke Taylor - Voice Administrator

Luke is Voice's Administrator, making sure the website looks top-notch at all times. He also works for Unit Twenty Three, a social enterprise in Norfolk, as Operations & Projects Assistant, which means he helps to run local arts projects. Luke joined the 2015-2016 team of Voice Reporters, travelling the country to review shows and cover projects. Fun Fact: say the word "Trains" to Luke, and enjoy the reaction.

Contact Luke about ay website issues at Luke's profile can be found here.

Emrys Green - Business & Projects Manager, Upstart Projects

Emrys manages the various projects Upstart Projects runs, in particular overseeing all aspects of Arts Award on Voice and the Arts Award Youth Network. His background is in digital and cultural project management and he has several years experience running youth policy projects and developing stakeholder engagement, especially embedding young people at the heart of organisations.

To contact, fire him an email at and to read his work visit his profile.

Diana Walton - Director, Upstart Projects

Diana is the head of Upstart Projects, the charity which runs Voice. She's enjoyed a long career in the arts education world, including developing the Arts Award programme for the Arts Council. Her goal is to create more opportunities for all young people to enjoy the arts and have their say and she believes Voice magazine is the perfect place to make that happen! Find out more about Upstart Projects and read Diana's views here

Contact Diana about Upstart Projects at