The impact of Voice

Here at Voice we want to make a difference. 
We want to help more young people from diverse backgrounds to enjoy the arts and build their skills and confidence for a creative career. 
We want to challenge the finding that People from privileged backgrounds are twice as likely to work in creative jobs as those from the working classes.’ Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre (PEC) 2021

Creative Pathways with Voice

Voice magazine reaches readers across the UK and beyond, offering inspiration and insights from artists and sharing creative work, reviews and opinions from young people. Our Creative Pathways programme supports young people to explore and enjoy the arts in their local area, then become arts reviewers for Voice or join our Voice Contributor network for training, mentoring, paid commissions or jobs with our team. We support young people with fewer advantages, contacts and resources to find their way into the creative industries. 
Check out the model then hear from young people who have helped us develop the steps along the way.

Local Reviewers

Voice Reviewers

Training and Work Experience

Reach and Impact

Voice magazine, since 2016

  • 1.4 million readers, most under 30
  • 8,000 members registered to post and comment
  • Over 1,400 interviews with creative professionals
  • More than 3,500 reviews published by young people
  • 150+ how-to guides supporting skill development

We track reader numbers and their interests, consulting regularly via surveys, focus groups and social media. 

Participation and training, since 2018

  • Local Reviewers and Voice Reviewers, young audiences covering the arts: 132 
  • Voice Contributors developing journalism skills and portfolios, gaining employment: 70
  • Trainees on journalism, media and research work experience placements: 27

We track growth of skills, confidence and a personal voice in individuals participating in our projects - and what they do next. 
We run before and after surveys, interviews and group discussions, and a 6-month follow up.

Young people are our best advocates. Hear about their experience of working with Voice in these soundbites or in the video below:

Annual report

Each year we produce an annual report with our accounts. Download our 2022-2023 report 

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