Voice has an impact on a wide range of people. We work with young people and those who support them across the UK (and frequently have people accessing the site globally). Our work includes having an impact on individuals’ lives through training and through providing resources which helps young people progress in learning and careers.

We aim to have an impact on young people accessing cultural opportunities by sharing stories of those working in the creative industries, showcasing events and opportunities that are available, and directly engaging with those who may not have regular access to opportunities. You can access stories from across our programmes using the links below for Voice Contributors (our long term training programme), Training (shorter term placements and experiences) and Voice Outreach (our programme targeting local areas).

Our programmes

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Impact monitoring

Why we monitor impact

Here at Voice we like to monitor the impact our work has on the young people we work with. Not everyone wants a public case study, for some the small changes make a big difference and for others the impact of our work can be profound. We have examples of young people who have changed career path, who have chosen what to study further and other young people who have gained enough confidence to pursue a new hobby. Our impact goes beyond career’s focussed success, and includes how ‘included’ young people feel and the benefits being a part of our supportive environment has on their own mental health.

Theory of Change

This is a phrase often used by organisations, and it basically means - what is the change we’re aiming to make and how. In summary this includes the following…

The change we want to make: To help create a society which values the creativity and opinions of young people and offers pathways into the cultural sector for people from all backgrounds.

Our outcomes:

  • We want to see young people who feel confident in choosing local arts experiences, who enjoy new experiences as well as familiar ones, and who feel entitled to attend public venues and events. 
  • We want to hear young people thinking about experiences, forming opinions, expressing their views and listening to others. 
  • We want to see more young people from diverse backgrounds find their way into careers across the media and arts world. 
  • We want to develop confidence by organisations and young people; for young people to share their voice and for organisations to actively hear this.

The issues we’re tackling:

  • Access to the arts (for participation and enjoyment)
  • Developing a voice for young people
  • Entry to the arts and media (as career options)

Key engagement stats

Whilst our impact focuses on the difference we’re making to individuals - and you can read some stories through the links above, a few highlights of our work with those in numbers up to 31 March 2022 include:

  • Visitors to Voice (Google Analytics tells us not everyone too): 1.4million
  • Voice Contributors: 61
  • Trainees on placements: 27
  • Local Reviewers & outreach (before our 2022 programme): 79

Annual report

Each year we produce an annual report with our accounts. You can download our 2020-2021 report for full details. Download the pdf now.