Become a Voice Reviewer

Become a Voice Reviewer

Voice Magazine is a platform for young people to express their views and opinions on arts, cultural and media events, as well as growing their experience in these areas too. 

Every day, Voice is asked to cover events, launches, performances and other arts and cultural events across the UK and online. We are now giving YOU the opportunity to cover these events yourself and in return, write a review of the event and upload to our online Voice Magazine!

This role is UK wide – therefore if you’re in Wales, Scotland, England or Northern Ireland and aged 16-30, you are welcome to apply. You don’t have to be from the area to attend the event – for example, if you are from Wales and want to attend an event in England, you are welcome to do so however we will not be able to cover travel expenses.

Take a look here at what's been happening within our Voice Reviewer programme since we launched in January 2023!

Role details

This is an unpaid role however you will have access to EVERYTHING we get invited to, so if you’re an avid arts and cultural fan this is your perfect opportunity to become a part of our Voice Reviewers team and see even more! Opportunities are on a first come first served basis. As they come into our inbox we’ll send them out to all reviewers and the first to respond will be allocated the event. In return, we ask that you upload a review of the event within 48 hours of it taking place. This role is for 16+ only.

 What's included?

FREE TICKETS! Whether you’re into music, theatre, visual arts, public speaking, cinema and so much more, we get invited to exclusive press events (virtually and in person) and we’d love to you the chance to attend these events yourself – you’ll be able to see new things, experience new events, make new connections, build up a portfolio, and so much more.


You must submit the review within 48 hours, if you fail to do this on more than one occasion you will be removed from the programme. We ask that if you need to cancel attending an event, you do so with 24 hours notice. Remember that you are attending these events in an official capacity as a member of the Voice Reviewers, which means you are required to behave in a way that upholds our reputation as a media outlet.

 How to apply

If you’d like to become a part of the Voice Reviewers, please fill out the application form with a review of an event you have recently attended within the arts, cultural and media world. We will then take some time to go through the review and invite you for a further conversation if we think you’ll be suited to the role.


“Can I apply if I don’t have any reviewing experience?” 

Of course! We have lots of reviews on our Voice Magazine for you to have a look at. Once you’ve got some inspiration, feel free to submit your application form. If you have potential, we may look to provide extra support on how to write a review. 

“How much time do you need to commit?”
This is entirely voluntary however we do ask that you commit to 3 reviews a year. 
“How long is this for?”
This is an ongoing role. If at any point you want to stop, just let us know and we can remove you from all communication. 
“What’s the process for applying?”
Once you’ve submitted your application, we aim to get back to you within 1 week to let you know if we’d like you to join our reviewers team. If you are selected, we will send you over our onboarding process and from this point, you can volunteer to any events that come through to us at Voice. 
“How do you upload the review?”
Take a look at our Voice Reviewers Guide here - Voice Reviewers Guide.pdf
"Is this a paid opportunity?"The Voice Reviewers is a volunteer programme, and we are unable to cover your travel costs. However, if you are interested in paid commissions, our Voice Contributor training programme has an opportunity to be commissioned for your writing. Find out more here.
“Can I request tickets to a particular show?”
We’re so glad you’re enthusiastic about reviewing! While you can request tickets to any show, we can’t guarantee that we will be able to secure them. For example, we’re unlikely to be able to secure you a review ticket to see Taylor Swift or Harry Styles, but you might get tickets to a local venue. 

Being a Voice Reviewer can allow you to see new performances and to have new experiences you may not have had access to before! This is something that could accompany your studies, a part time job or a way to give back to a hobby you already love. 

For any further questions, please email [email protected]