Upstart Projects

Upstart Projects is here to help you find your place and voice in the arts and media world.

We're the organisation behind Voice magazine and our mission is to create opportunities for young people to enjoy the arts and for young creatives to develop their skills and portfolio.

We support young artists, arts managers, critics, editors, writers, media-makers and trainers.

Through our projects, young people build skills, lead and manage activities and find a voice in the arts. Some are already committed to following arts and media careers, others find their perfect job through working with us. And some just want the arts to be a big part of their life.

Voice magazine is a great example of how we operate, combining jobs, training, opportunities and open access. We employ a young creative team on Voice who recruit and train a large pool of volunteers to review arts events UK-wide, and we run an open blogging platform that anyone can contribute to.

We also offer this expertise and consultancy to other organisations.  If you want training on how to engage young people creatively then we can help! We have a range of training courses and options for direct consultancy to work with you.  We run workshops, help run events, and help to develop strategy too.  Just get in touch to discuss your needs.

'Upstart' suggests aspiration and ambition and attitude! We want you to think big and achieve more than you think you can!

Interested in working with Upstart? Visit or contact [email protected]