House Rules

House Rules


  • post your own content and encourage others to do so

  • comment on other people’s work and be constructive

  • (if you’re under 16) get your parent or guardian to confirm you can register on the magazine

  • adhere to our terms and conditions for the website and read our privacy policy


  • post any content on this website that you don’t have permission to use; always link back to key sources and credit original contributors whenever you can

  • advertise commercial ventures for profit - we delete spam

  • bully or intimidate other users. At Voice we respect opinions and welcome contributions to the magazine.

  • post abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic or sexually explicit content or comments. Our moderators will delete any posts containing such content and ban the users.

WE ADVISE YOU not to give out your personal details to other users of this (or any other) website nor meet someone in person unless you are in a public space and/or have a responsible adult with you.  Here's some more advice about staying safe online.


We want Voice to be a safe and inclusive platform for everyone. If your post contains references which might be inappropriate for under-16s, or discusses subject matter that might trigger distress, please use the content warning feature when uploading. 

This content might include, but is not limited to:

  • Food and drink / eating disorders

  • Mental disorders

  • Self-harm / suicide

  • Sexual violence / rape

  • Sex / sexual content

  • Violence / murder

Voice reserves the right to apply a content warning to any post we believe has the potential to cause distress, or covers mature content.