What is Gold?

Going for Gold shows you're serious about your art, and you've got both creativity and determination (looks good on your CV too!)

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Extend your arts practice, developing your own skills and experimenting by working with another artist or arts practitioner to make new work - this can include backstage or production roles as well as creative ones.

Develop your skills within the arts sector – do work experience, placements, volunteering to find out more about the areas you're interested in.

Research and review the work of other artists and creatives, especially those you admire and aspire to be like. Analyse their work. How did they get where they are? How have they influenced you?

Form a view about an issue in the arts world – your chance to voice your opinions, whether it's why sports attract bigger audiences than the arts, whether recording artists like Ed Sheeran should be idolised, or if a red dot in the middle of a canvas can count as 'art'!

Your arts leadership project leads to a public showing. You get to decide what it is, when, where and how big. From start to finish you're in charge of your project and will learn lots about managing resources and people. And you may have to find innovative ways to overcome challenges!

Your Arts Award portfolio should capture your progress as well as documenting the art work and projects you produce. It may be useful at interviews for jobs, FE or uni. Look at digital portfolios here

CV info: Gold Arts Award is a Level 3 qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and should take you about 150 hours to complete.  Since 2017 Gold carries 16 UCAS points (which can help you get into higher education). Make sure your Gold Award gets moderated before 27 June to support your application. Here's the lowdown on Gold and UCAS points

Find out about running Gold Arts Award - you can train just to deliver Gold as well as run other levels of Arts Award too.  If you're an Arts Award achiever yourself, you can claim 15% discount on training to be an adviser here