What is Silver?

Silver stretches your talents and shows off your commitment.

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Set yourself a challenge in an arts activity you enjoy – it could be theatre lighting, photography, dance, gallery curation...or any arts or cultural activity you choose.

Be a critic and review arts events - share your views in print or online

Research opportunities and careers in arts, media and culture eg arts, broadcasting film, museums... Find out what's available in your area and look at career paths that interest you. Get out there to visit venues and talk to professionals.

Your arts leadership project could be a series of workshops where you teach your skills to others, or a one-day event that you create with a couple of friends. You need to make a plan, run the project, and review how it went. You can work as a team if you want.

Make an Arts Award portfolio to record your work. Look at digital portfolios here

CV info: Silver Arts Award is a Level 2 qualification and takes about 95 hours to complete.

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