What is Silver Arts Award?

Silver stretches your talents and shows off your commitment. You don’t have to do the Bronze level first, go straight for Silver! Idriss explains...

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UNIT 1 – Arts practice and pathways

Set yourself an Arts Challenge to develop your arts skills. Any arts activity you wish to develop further in – your choice!

Review arts events and share your thoughts with others.

Carry out Arts Research, looking at opportunities and careers in arts, media and culture. Find out what's available in your area and look at career paths that interest you. Get out there to visit venues and talk to professionals!

UNIT 2 – Arts Leadership

Plan, deliver and review an Arts Leadership project - this could be a series of workshops where you teach your skills to others,, or put on an arts exhibition or performance showcase event.

Create an Arts Award portfolio to record your work and your progress. This could be a sketchbook, film, Powerpoint or website. Check out these digital portfolios for ideas 


Find an Arts Award adviser to support you and assess your work. Ask your school or local arts organisation if they’re already an Arts Award centre. Otherwise, search the Arts Award Centre Map to find a centre in your area.  

Register here on Voice and you'll get access to our Silver Hub which gives you step-by-step guidance and lots of handy tips and how-to guides to help you along the way.  


  • Contact the  Arts Award Helpdesk at Trinity College London
  • Ping us a question here at Arts Award Voice on [email protected] 
  • We are a remote Arts Award centre so we might be able to help if you can’t find an adviser


Silver Arts Award is a Level 2 qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), which means it's recognised nationally and looks good on your CV!  It can help you gain new skills such as action planning, setting objectives, reviewing, communication skills, team work, problem solving, being a leader and of course – being creative! 

Silver will take you about 95 hours to complete and you can do it as part of a project or fit it in over several months alongside the rest of your life.

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