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Welcome to the Arts Award Youth Network.

This is your space to keep in touch with Arts Award, get help to progress on your Arts Award journey and get benefits & support for life after Arts Award.


Welcome to the Arts Award Youth Network.

We want to support you to progress through your Arts Awards and also to find out about careers or further / higher education in the creative world. We're also developing resources and networks that help you develop your Life After Arts Award.

And if you're already someone who has started their life after Arts Award we want to hear from you. Profiling the broad range of careers that young people go in to is crucial whether it's as a Visual Artist or an account director in a communications agency.

As Arts Award participants, we have all kinds of benefits to offer you and we really want to keep in touch with you when you've finished your award so we can offer you future opportunities and support. Check out what's on offer below and do get in touch to let me now what else we can offer you - email me at

Emrys, Arts Award Youth Network Manager

Find out what some Arts Award achievers are up to now in our series "Where are they now?"

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Offers and Opportunities

Get your hands on high street discounts and take advantage of cultural opportunities

Throughout your Arts Award Journey and afterwards you can get to know the world better by using the offers Arts Award Supporters give you. And we're offering you discounts on the products & services you might enjoy every month.

Discounts & Deals

Want to save some money on things you like to do, or materials you need? We've partnered with Benefits Lite to bring you access to discounts that change every day. You'll find discounts in clothes shops, for computer accessories, on experience days, on mini-breaks and even more. You can browse some of the offers straight away. Or get access to them by signing up below.

Please note, we'll register you on the Benefits Lite system within 2 weeks - usually faster. You'll get an email with your login details. If there's enough interest in this benefit, we'll find a way for you to simply use your Voice login in future. Once registered, you can then set-up logging in with Facebook, Twitter or Google too. If you don't receive details within 2 weeks please email Your use will be subject to their terms & conditions.

Arts Award Supporters

You can also often save money or find a new opportunity using the offers from Arts Award Supporters. These organisations throughout the UK often offer discounted tickets, work experience or space for young artists. Find your local Arts Award Supporter below and see what they provide.

Life After Arts Award

So where does Arts Award lead?

Doing Arts Award can really help you find your ideal creative career, and it's just as valuable if you're heading in another direction. Arts Award helps you develop creative thinking, leadership, problem-solving, team work and communication skills, all of which make you stand out when going for a college place or job. If you do Gold Award you'll get UCAS points for use on your uni application. And you'll also have a beautiful portfolio to show at interview. Although remember University isn't your only option - Alumnus Joshua shares his thoughts...

If you're interested in a creative career, take a look at our Want my job series or hear from past Arts Award achievers at Where are they now? Then surf around on Creative Choices website for careers in performing arts, design, literature or visual arts. Or check out Hiive, which offers creative media, tv and broadcasting job opportunities. We've also compiled even more useful websites for you too.

We've also compiled a list of organisations offering Creative Career Workshops and some that offer Creative Mentoring. So do take a look and let us know if any of them are especially useful to you.

where are they nowwant my jobwhat goes on at

Check back soon as we're gathering new resources to offer guidance on CVs, portfolios, handling interviews and growing your confidence.

You can also use this article to help you think how to reflect on your Arts Award when applying for jobs.

And a mammoth how to guide which has been a frequent request; some help about HMRC (Tax) and how to be a self employed creative...

Tell us when you started and/or completed your Arts Awards in your profile & how we can support you in this short survey. It will help us to tailor our future offering.

Jobs and Training

Remember to take a look at our growing list of opportunities on Voice for job postings and training activities.

You can also find more on:

And a number of the networks and useful arts websites list we've compiled will help too.


Help and support comes to those who ask for it! And the cultural sector demonstrates this best. It's about working together and sharing knowledge. Who should I ask to use that space? How shall I compile my Arts Award portfolio? Where can I get funding for my project? Anybody know a good drummer?

Arts Award prepares you for a creative life in so many ways. And if you want to meet like-minded individuals, ask for help achieving the higher levels, or advice on, say, which drama schools to apply to - then get on over to our Facebook group. If you're concerned about using Facebook for networking, then don't be! Here's some guidance we've put together to help you with using several social media platforms - with links to how you can ensure your privacy is sorted...

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As well as our networks you might be Interested in joining others too. We'd also suggest: Young People in the Arts & the Young Arts Fundraisers Network - and read about even more on our page of useful arts websites.

A big thanks to everyone who joined our live networking in Nottingham & Birmingham at the end of June. We really enjoyed hosting you and we know there was some great conversations. We're sending participants a short feedback survey. If you've not had yours maybe we couldn't read your email... Please get in touch and we'll send you the link! If you didn't attend, you could fill out this short survey to tell us why and what we could do in future.