My review of the Victoria and Albert museum

The V&A was a beautiful museum that I think everyone should visit if they ever have the opportunity .

On the 14th of abe720e708aec7c7dc35ade50498db9c464ecd27.jpegJanuary I visited the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Their fashion section showcased a variety of exquisite, beautifully crafted pieces and showed how fashion had developed over the years. The museum has a collection of a variety of different brands such as Vivienne Westwood and Christian Dior. Along with the pieces displayed in the fashion section, the museum also had other displays presenting the clothing and fashion of other countries such as China and Japan. I found the section very interesting and inspiring and was in awe of the pieces of fashion. The museum has a collection of “100,000 pieces” of fashion “from historical hats to contemporary couture” ; their entire collection of fashion along with other types of objects can be viewed online as they don’t always have everything on display at the museum. When I visited, the exhibit focused on European fashion from 1750 to the present day however, they continuously update the displays in the room to show a wider variety of cultures and types of fashion.8db332a5bc10fd1253268c5e94b9fcaf60069b68.png6dfb5c4a5723973fb70dd34543df7d1d487f865f.png

I highly recommend for others to visit the museum because as well as the fashion section, there are many others meaning there is definitely something of interest in the museum to appeal to almost everyone. Along with the fact it has so many wonderful pieces of art from all around the world, it is also a free experience accessible to everyone. They have so many different sections full of all types of art ranging from modern to ancient. T1086a39212b81e3698da35044c7dd42f01fcd4e9.jpeghe30f543f2afadcfbed82d537c7b7a0fec43935fd0.jpeg museum has sections dedicated to regions all over the world that are filled with history and rich culture including Europe, South Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East with thousands of artefacts collected and preserved. They also have sections focused on the different types of art such as photography, jewellery, theatre, architecture and other bbe3fc8109a0f6cde0217d693283a4ce46412577.jpegsections that focus on other areas of history.

I genuinely adored the time I spent at the museum as there were so many beautiful pieces of art from all over the world and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the history of the  pieces of art and the history of the countries they originated from. Furthermore, I honestly think you should pay a visit there if you have the opportunity to. Overall, It was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn about the history of  fashion and a variety of beautiful cultures and I would most definitely visit again.


Sourinney Loeng

Sourinney Loeng

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