The Korean Wave Exhibition at the V&A London

Review of The Korean Wave Exhibition at the V&A in London

This exhibition was incredible: Immersive, fun, engaging and genuinely really interesting. It was the kind of thing that you wouldn't expect in a the v and a. It was also much more modern take so it was really nice to look around as something that seems a bit more directed at the younger generation. The entrance was very bold, bright mini screens, no lights on apart from the light from the screen. One of the main rooms I really enjoyed the costume because the lighting, action on the screens made it more immersive, things happening all around you or things to look at all around you. There were lots of interesting images and posters around as well, which were interesting to look at because of the style and design. It was very immersive and engaging, with interactive things to do such as a, K-pop dance thing. There was red lights on along with the lights coming from the screens, which made an amazingly immersive setting and look. The costumes in the main room were mostly shiny, and the only light source was the screens which meant the light was changing constantly and always reflecting off of the shiny material creating a really cool effect. They also had the costume design for squid game which was incredible because it was a very recent trend online. There were mini tv screens coming into the start of the exhibition, making it really modern and it was a really good way to start the exhibition. There was also some really interesting costume there as well, modern looking clothes but more bold and colourful than casual clothing. The costume in the main room with all the screens in it, were modern and interesting, something like you'd expect to see on stage at a concert or something similar. I think the creative impact of the exhibition was very strong, especially for a younger audience, because lots of the art pieces/costumes were mostly all from recent events or TV shows - for  example, the squid game costumes. I would definitely recommend this exhibition to anyone - especially the younger generation who would be able to understand  more of what everything is - although I would still recommend it to others because its a really immersive exhibition that shows a completely modern take  on an exhibition about lots of modern media. As a young person, I could recognise most of the pieces as most of them were pieces showcasing modern media - Gangam style, the TVs with lots of recognisable games and shows on them - and I think that because I knew or recognised parts of the exhibition, it made me enjoy it more. One of the creative aspects that I thought was really impactfull was the lighting, it was like looking at different screens a lot, which is a  very normal thing nowadays which I think made the exhibition overall more immersive to people to keep them involved - and the interactive K-Pop dancing. I think I learnt that exhibitions aren't always about the old masters of art - although I still personally find those art pieces interesting - but also showing modern media in an immersive, interactive exhibition that I think a lot of younger people would enjoy, because most young people can think exhibitions are boring. Overall, it was inspiring and immersive because of the unique and modern approach to the exhibition and I got a lot out of it.


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Ruby Rosemann

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