African Fashion Exhibition at the V&A London

Review of the African Fashion Exhibition at the V&A in London

I went to the African Fashion exhibition at the V and A museum on the the 25th of October 2022. When I entered, the building was an impressive and interesting mix of modern design alongside the 1900s architecture, which was like it was showing that inside, there would be a mix of pieces and exhibitions to experience, not just old fashioned paintings and marble statues. In the African Fashion exhibition, there were some interesting designs in this exhibition but, personally I thought it could have been better, presentation wise, because though the costume was very good, they were just put there, with not much information or anything exciting presenting-wise. Despite the lack of presentation, there were some amazing clothes, intricately embroidered dresses, bold patterned loose flowy clothes and various suits and waistcoats with cool pattern designs and colours. There were some clothes with only one or two colours yet the design was incredible. There were ordinary seeming clothes with an African style which was really cool. The lighting was pretty effective with the clothes though, the different moods the lighting gave off towards the clothes. Bold colours and patterns, the ways they put them together, were really cool to look at. They have taken like everyday clothes and put their twist on it by putting bold patterns and colours on it. For instance, they have taken a plain black suit and put gold embroidery on it to make it more interesting. Another incredible piece was a black and gold dress that looked like it could have been a wedding dress. It was really intricately embroidered, with a small complicated repeating pattern in gold.  I think that all of the pieces had a really good connection, which enhanced the experience, especially because I didn't think that the presentation of the art forms was the best. Although a lot of the individual pieces in the exhibitions were really interesting, I probably wouldn’t reccomend this exhibition to someone unless they were really interested in that specific art form. I think that I learnt that preseentation of the art form you have created is very important becasue no matter how exceptional the art piece is, if it’s not presented properly, or well, it can’t give the art piece justice.


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