Unit 1C Online gallery review Jake Devaney

I did a virtual tour of two galleries.

I looked at Birmingham Art Gallery and Tate Modern gallery online on Monday 18th January andTuesday 2nd February. At Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery I did a virtual tour of all floors and looked at the online collection of fine art. I did a virtual tour of all floors and used the map to look round. We looked at different art and you could search for any type of style of art you wanted to look at. We looked at the shop, the round room and the mini museum for kids.

And at Tate Modern Gallery I looked at room two in the Start Display, looked at Henri Matisse The Snail and did an image analysis. There wasn’t as much of a tour but I looked round some of the rooms like the colour room and we chose Henri Matisse the Snail to look at and done an image analysis. You could also look at photos of all the new and old exhibitions.

There were visual arts like painting, drawing, sculptures, printings, portraits, 3D in both galleries. I like the historical paintings best in Birmingham Art gallery. I’ve seen historical paintings and portraits about old wars and monarchs but I haven’t done a proper gallery tour like this.

I didn’t know that you could view online and browse online. I weren’t expecting to be able to do that I just thought we wouldn’t be able to go to the gallery. I thought it was good how you could view different rooms and different pieces of art. This was easier online because you didn’t have to walk ages to find the room and if you didn’t like the art you could just easily choose a different room to look in. I didn’t like that we couldn’t go and would’ve been better in person to look round the gallery properly. I found the Tate website a bit confusing but it was easier to see everywhere at the Birmingham gallery.

I have learnt about different artists and different types of art. When I done the image analysis on the snail I learnt about Matisse and how he changed from painting to cutting out paper when he got ill. I will take away that it  ok even though we did it online and couldn’t go to the galleries. I was glad the galleries have made a way you can still look at the art even if they’re closed.

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