Blood Brother's review

For part of my Silver Arts award I have written a review for Blood Brothers (there may be spoilers)!

Blood Brother's review

Blood Brothers is a musical by a Liverpudlian playwright Willy Russel in which it revolves around two brothers separated at birth (Mickey and Edward) and are brought up in completely different environments in the city. 

To be honest, I really enjoyed watching this play! It was beautifully crafted using the factor of time to communicate the issues of social division, class and money. For example, at the start of the play, childhood friendship is used to make the point that children can overcome these matters and near the end, the relationship between the two brothers is strained, intent on rage and envy because of the pressures of society and adulthood.

It made me think about the contrasting lifestyles and how either of them could have had the lavish, perfect life yet it was chance or fate which truly decided. This truly influenced and raised my awareness of how social division can impact daily life and the vast difference between upper and lower class.

The stage transitions were simple yet flawless, the characters were presented amazingly making the play comparable to a movie! The narrator is also used which relates to the theme of tragedy which is based on the traditional Greek tragedy, speaking often, like a fate or the conscience of the twins’ mother which uses foreshadowing and the theme superstition.

Though I was delighted with the play in general, the ending was abrupt, ending the play in an almost rushed way. I thought that the ending could have been improved or changed slightly so it had a stronger effect on the audience with a final punch of lasting impact.

Overall, I loved the play ‘Blood Brothers’ and it has an awesome storyline which has stuck to me since I have watched it! It was definitely worth the watch! Russell did a wonderful job creating this piece and each act seems to have a purpose.

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