A review of a pyrography course I attended for my Silver Arts Award

This is a review of a pyrography course I attended

A review of a pyrography course I attended for my Silver Arts Award

What was the title of the activity? 

Pyrography workshop at Collaborator’s Cabin, Poole, Dorset 

What art form did you try? 

I tried pyrography and created my own piece of art on wood 

Why did you take this workshop? 

It was made for beginners and had very good reviews on his website . It was also not too far from where I live. I liked his art on his website and he looked friendly . 

Who taught the event, and what did you learn about this teacher? 

Rob Holmes , a professional pyrography artist and teacher .He started off by taking spare wood from a farm that he worked on and created art on them. He gave them as gifts for friends and family .They thought his work was great and encouraged him to take it up professionally and teach it . He has been teaching pyrography for several years .

Did you create any artwork? Describe it and the processes you undertook when you created it:

First of all I chose to design a wolf. I wanted to design a wolf because they are my favourite animal and I really liked the design because I wanted to create art that flowed like the animal’s hair. I drew my design on a birch wooden box with a pencil. I then practised with different pyrography pen nibs to get different patterns and find the nib that I liked best and created my ideal pattern. I started creating my artwork by going around the outline of the drawing first with the pyrography pen. Then I sectioned the artwork off into parts I wanted to colour and parts I didn't. Next I filled the coloured parts in with the pyrography pen until I had created my wolf.

 List some new skills or ideas you learned

I learnt how to create a piece of pyrography work using my own design. I learnt about how the different nibs make different patterns on wood. I learnt that id i shade in using a circular motion it looks more natural. I also learnt that if you press too hard it will make a black circle on the wood and look burnt. 

Did you enjoy the activity? Why?

 Yes I really enjoyed the activity because I found it very calming and interesting. It was set in a wood cabin in the artist garden and it was very peaceful. I loved that I could create my own design on wood and I particularly enjoyed creating the patterns on the wood when shading in.



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  • Marianna Kominczak-Tietze

    On 11 November 2020, 19:18 Marianna Kominczak-Tietze commented:

    This is such a beautiful art project Millie!Completed with all details.Congratulations!!!
    You have been working really hard .
    I do hope this might be just a beginning of wonderful adventure with art.
    Good luck Millie .
    All the best .

  • Sophie Lumb

    On 12 November 2020, 22:25 Sophie Lumb commented:

    This is a really interesting review. I had not heard of pyrography. It is lovely to hear about this course. This has caused me to want to try pyrography out myself. Thank you and what a fantastic review.

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