Jacqueline Novak: How embarrassing for her

An hour of unabashedly rude and joyfully crude comedy 

Jacqueline Novak: How embarrassing for her

For Jacqueline Novak, a woman's life is essentially riddled with shame or embarrassment. In this show she re-visits the painfully embarrassing moments of her adolescent years in this comedic re-telling. 

Jacqueline bustles onto the stage, as though late for her own show and seems preoccupied. Initially, she seems scatty, struggling to find her train of thought. However, less than five minutes into her set, she has me gripped. Not just that, she has the audience screeching in child-like delight at the sheer directness and obscenity of her jokes. NOT for the faint hearted, Jacqueline is as crude as you can get. 

Describing herself as ‘a pot-bellied woman in essence’ she claims it is an indignity to be trapped in the female form. All the rules and rituals of being female are a nuisance. In just an hour, she turns the rhetoric around femininity and sex on its head as she takes historically patriarchal ideas and demonstrates they serve only to subjugate women. She explores the language surrounding femininity and masculinity, questioning it, and very effectively de-valuing the concepts of manliness and power. She asks why women are always described with passive language and encouraged to subscribe to some social rule that was evidently written by man. This is all done with great hilarity and wit.

To end, Jacqueline states that we should take ownership of our embarrassing faux pas’. With delightful vulgarity, she refutes the shame and embarrassment of being a woman, and she does it very well. Not for kids but do make an effort to see Novak’s gloriously rude show.

Catch her everyday @ Pleasance courtyard: 17:45 

For more details and tickets : https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on-jacquelinenovak


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