Fly To Neverland Review.

A review of Fly to Neverland children's ballet performance.

Fly To Neverland Review.

I went with my Dad to see a local Ballet performance because my cousin was taking part in it. The show was held at Bridgend College in the Sony theater. It was an hour and a half long, it was called Fly to Neverland. 

Some of the characters were;

Moss fairies

Tinkerbells-oldest children


Sisters- youngest children

Peter pan

Pirates- my cousin


It was a fun light hearted show that we all enjoyed. The children performing were all primary and nursery age children from a local ballet school.

The songs were mixed with lion king, don't smile at a crocodile and other Disney shows. 

The bit I enjoyed most was when the pirates performed, the dance was cute, bouncy and done in pairs, I don't think that pirates would ever do this but think they would be happier if they did. 

Another favourite had to be the crocodile song. There were 6 children on stage. They all sat on the floor for the entire dance which was a change to the other dances, moving their arms and legs along with the song.

You could see all the children were proud of themselves and waving at everyone, the audience was full of friends and family.

There was quite a big difference in abilities on stage but it didn't matter and they all went for it and it was nice to watch. It was a really hot day but all the children did amazingly well.

At some points during the performance the song stopped in the middle of the childrens dance, it was a bit awkward for the children and a bit sad because they had worked so hard to practise. They did manage to carry on once it was working again.

The children were all in costumes, they were all very cute with the children all matching in costumes suitable for their songs so all the pirates matched and all the fairies matched etc.

At one point they ran across the stage one at a time each to show off individual skills, but apart from that there were no individual dances.

Adults were helping all the way through dancing along to help the children and my auntie set off a confetti cannon. It made me want to dance, the children were all smiling and enjoying it. There was a whole range of abilities with one moss fairy really going for it during their group dance and grabbing the audience's attention.

It was amazing to watch that one time, but I wouldn't go again for a couple of years. It was really sweet but I think the next show would probably look very similar.    

At the end of the performance they got the whole audience singing along to a goodbye song, everyone stood up in their seats, and the parents obviously knew the song and were doing it along with their kids. I am in a drama group and think we could do a song at the end for everyone to sing or could maybe do a whole show of songs and hope that the audience wanted to sing along with us.

They set a scene for each song using both the costume and a projector to put a still picture or video on the back wall of the stage. They also used a change in light colour to change the atmosphere for each dance, I didn't expect that when I came to see the show.

I really loved seeing my little cousin perform her dances and loved how she smiled when everyone clapped.


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