Extraordinary environment to display artwork

Sculptures displayed amongst the wildlife is a fantastic idea. A walk in the forest and gallery all in one is more than I could ask for. With hundreds of unique sculptures in the 10 acres you will struggle with not being entertained or engaged.

'The Sculpture Park' in Farnham is a great place to walk around over two miles of woodland and heathland trail where sculptures are displayed amongst the wildlife. Almost everything is for sale so you can even buy the sculptures.

You first walk in and go to the reception and gallery to buy your tickets and get a map of the park. You are free to walk around four different coloured paths in any order and as many or little as you like. Furthermore, the numerous different paths means if you were to go back again you would not have the same experience.

There are 650 modern and contemporary sculptures across the 10 acres of land made by 300 artists. It is the worlds largest all year sculpture exhibition. There are even water gardens which makes it even more of an extraordinary environment to display artwork in. It gives a more exiting way to experience the artwork than a white room with them displayed box-it is refreshing!I was lucky to go in good weathersoI am not sure what it would be like if the weather was cold and wet, but I would assume it still would be great as you are undercover in the forest mostly.

It complements the man-made artwork with the natural landscape. There are over 30000 members of the public that visit it annually.

You will get to see a variety of different art forms including:

  • Figurative sculpture
  • Bronze, metal, steel, stone, marble sculptures
  • Abstract sculpture
  • Nude sculpture
  • Contemporary, modern sculpture
  • Classical, surrealism sculpture
  • Many more 

Every sculpture was unique and interesting and showcasing artwork does not have to be boring.


Header Image Credit: Jasmine McMullen


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