Project report on Cultural sessions for Brownies Girl Guiding

Overall Project review of sessions I ran with Brownie Girl Guiding. This overview includes how my leadership qualities have developed and I have learnt from my experience. Any things I would change for my next project.

At the beginning of unit two, I said that I would like to be a bit more courageous, develop my Learning agility and increase my self-awareness. Overall, I think that I have been courageous as I have been out of my comfort zone running the sessions. With that my confidence has increase which has also been commented on in my feedback of the lessons delivered stating how I was more confident on the second session I ran. In addition to leading the brownies sessions I feel more comfortable asking for feedback and using other opportunities to learn from and gain experience for example in the previous meeting for session planning at brownies when there where dates they did not know what to do, I suggested things and when they asked if I where to plan it I didn’t turn it down.

My project has developed my creativity to make arts and crafts accessible and the appropriate level for different age to mine. It has made me understand how different everyone’s art is. As in everyone can draw the same apple but everyone will be totally unique. It has made me understand that everyone takes a different amount of time to make something which I have had to consider when planning activities as well as the amount of mess doing a creative activity makes. I have had to review on my leadership skills, qualities and plans more than ever which is why I now have a deeper understanding to how much time and experience it takes to make a good leader. By leading a group and delegating work I have improved my communication skills with both adults and children. This includes communication in feedback as well as the ways to engage children and talk to them in a way that they will completely understand what is being asked of them.

In conclusion to my project plan of planning and running sessions for Brownie Girl Guiding it has been successful. I never felt underprepared, and I have finished the project on a high with newly developed leadership skills and ability to plan lessons. I have had many learning experiences like how at times it was a little rushed at the end to clear up. However, in my next session I reflected on this and adapted my next plan to have a set time to clean up. I wanted the brownies to come out having had a great time creating things whilst learning about different cultures: Aboriginal Australia, South American festivals, and Indian Diwali. From my feedback this was definitely apparent, and I am fortunate to give them an experience to encourage their creativity as well as my leadership skills. In saying this the overall experience was an achievement. 

Another highlight was seeing how well my Diwali lesson plan worked for another leader to use. The lanterns created where stunning. On challenge to consider is the limiting factor of time. Some brownies took longer to finish their work. However, I overcame this by everyone else getting started on another activity which would motivate them to finish so they could join in. 

I have learnt to work effectively with others that you should listen properly to each other and consider everyone feelings. You can not make someone do something they don’t want to do. Both people need to compromise to work well together.

From the feedback I have been given over the whole project. I have learnt to be confident as I need to be sterner and louder to get people to listen. That I need to consider time more in plans because of everyone taking different amounts as well as the practical aspects of the time spent answering questions, tidying away, and getting their attention.

Next time I would make spend more time on the first activity than the creative ones. My Diwali plan was very successful on that aspect but the sessions I delivered as well as plan before that did not have the reasons and information of the session as an activity. For example, the most interactive part of teaching the Aboriginal culture was asking the children what they knew about it. I think it would have been more affective if they were in an activity like the true and false sorting in my Diwali plan. I would have put the lessons plan resource packs together before running the sessions not after. Although I planned the sessions, I think by putting the packs together I would consider more practical issues and all activities completely put together with all possible details thought through. Other than that, I wouldn’t improve anything else because all the issues that did arise were things to learn from. The experiences shaped me into a better leader.

Header Image Credit: Jasmine McMullen


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