Artist Open Studio by V&A and Tate Digital Learning at MozFest

MozFest 2017 has invited 5 artists to address each of the five thematic issue areas of the festival (Web Literacy, Privacy and Security, Decentralization, Open Innovation, Digital Inclusion) through an installation and on-site labs. This is a perfect opportunity for Arts Award participants and achievers to meet professional artists!

Artist Open Studio by V&A and Tate Digital Learning at MozFest

Artist Open Studio - Brooklyn J. Pakathi

Digital Inclusion

South African experimental filmmaker and photographer, Brooklyn J. Pakathi's work explores the self, identity, youth culture and how technology and the internet can shape these. Often his online films, photographs and artworks address experiences of contemporary youth culture in the age of the internet, desires and clashing worlds of real-unreal, physical-virtual.

At MozFest Brooklyn seeks to create dialogues of empathy and diversity for a greater sense of digital inclusion. He'll be presenting a set of digital renderings that serve as Public Service Announcements prompting viewers to feel considered in their contribution towards an open and diverse internet.

During the open studio, Brooklyn will set up an informal public participation piece presented as a question and action. In an effort to promote positive energies of communication, understanding, and inclusion, participants are asked to both share as well as be present in the moment. Read More >>

Brooklyn will give a talk on Sunday afternoon about the open studio, 1:00 PM until 1:45 PM.

Artist Open Studio - Gretta Louw

Open Innovation

German-Australian artist, curator and writer, Gretta Louw, is working predominantly with digital media and networked performance. Her artistic practice explores how new digital technologies are shaping our life, identity and contemporary experience, and the potential of art as a means of investigating psychological phenomena, particularly in relation to new technologies and the internet.

In Meet The Artist: Gretta Louw will give an introduction to her artistic practice and motivations before discussing in more depth the body of work that she is presenting at MozFest; Colonise the Cloud. This series, which expands from animated digital artworks to prints, wall paintings, and sculptural objects, unpacks the visual language of cloud computing services and the ways in which it perpetuates potentially dangerous myths around this technology. Louw's work opens up ersatz metaphors for understanding, discussing, and/or combatting a range of speculative futures bound to increasingly networked, "cloud"-based, augmented environments,1:00 PM until 1:45 PM

Artist Open Studio - Paolo Cirio

Privacy and Security

At MozFest Paolo Cirio presents a set of ethical questions concerning historical cases, hypothetical scenarios, and particular technological systems that affect personal and societal conditions. The artist will ask simple questions on which the audience can answer through a series of polls.

In the open studio Paolo Cirio will also discuss his ongoing campaign Right to Remove to bring a form of Right To Be Forgotten in United States. His proposal for this specific Internet policy is at the heart of the philosophical questions for balancing social accountability, freedom, empathy, access, and human rights on the Internet. Read More >>

Paolo Cirio is also going to talk of how this Mozfest weekend has affected his installation. This talk is Sunday 29th October at 3:15 PM until 4:15 PM

Artist Open Studio - An Xiao Mina

Web Literacy

Technologist, artist and writer, An Xiao Mina, who is currently working on "From Memes to Movements", a book about internet memes and global social movements, will bring to MozFest's Web Literacy area, a lab-installation and workshop exploring meme culture in its online and offline manifestations, as well as links with street art, remix and performance cultures. Read More >>

An Xiao Mina is also giving a talk too, 2:00 PM until 3:00 PM on Saturday 28th October.

Artist Open Studio - Archana Prasad


Archana, whose work brings together visual art, technology and urban community art, steeped in design and research methodologies, has been actively engaged with community art practices for the last decade. She is the Founder-Director of, a community based urban art, tech and activism organization in Bangalore, India. The exhibit will be modelled after a bank branch and encourage members of the public to pledge their own actions to advance the SDGs and in exchange receive 100 $1000 ada coin grants. Read More >>

Archana Prasad is also giving a talk, on Saturday 28th October 2:00 PM until 3:00 PM.

Participants will engage with the artists in an open lab setting. Artists will share their practices, and also develop collaborative work with the public.
The Artist Open Studio is at MozFest on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October, from 10.00 – 18.00, Ravensbourne College, Greenwich, London.

For more information, please visit:


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