San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles Fiber Art Makerspace Macrame Exhibition Review

In this review I talk about the high points of this exhibition and why it was helpful to me.

San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles Fiber Art Makerspace Macrame Exhibition Review

The exhibition I looked at is titled ‘Macrame’.

The reason I chose to attend this exhibition is because as well as an explanation of the history of macrame, it asks rhetorical questions like ‘Do you see or use knots in everyday life?’ which pulls you in. It also offers free macrame patterns at the end so you can continue learning about it and gather an interest.

The artist was addressed as ‘Fiber Art Makerspace’ and they put links to their macrame videos, in which they made a macrame water bottle holder and a macrame bookmark.

My first impression of this exhibition was that it was giving a fresh view on macrame and not just how popular it was in the 70s.

I saw detailed knots being carried out in ways I had never thought you could use them, which was very interesting. I also saw basic knots that I use every day being used in extremely useful ways such as a bottle holder.

As this exhibition gave an interesting explanation to the history of macrame ,like where it originated, I was very intrigued by this as I'm very interested in old civilisations in the Middle East which is where some of the earliest recordings of macrame are from.

What I learnt was how to complete intricate patterns on very small macrame pieces when using 1mm macrame cord, and I have also learned what type of styled pieces were made and when {such as the Victorian era} so that will help me know a bit more about what styles are the very latest and which are more traditional for my practise piece and my final piece.

I did enjoy this experience overall because as well as bringing up styles from the past it also included new patterns for you to try. Another reason why I enjoyed this exhibition is the great explanation of the history of macrame, I never knew that Victorians did macrame.

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  • Emily Round

    On 6 July 2021, 12:30 Emily Round commented:

    That must have been very interesting, I will have to see that video myself!

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