Art Skill Share Plan

My Art Skill Share Plan for Part D of my Bronze Award.

Art Skill Share Plan

Describe your arts skill share activity:

For my art skills share I will be teaching the chords Em, C, A and G to my Father. I own an acoustic guitar and live with my Father which makes it a feasible creative skill for me to teach.

Why have you chosen this activity?

I have chosen this particular activity because I am able to teach it in my own home and believe it will be an enjoyable experience as I love teaching friends and family how to play some guitar.

Who are you going to share your arts skills with? What will you need to think about to ensure it happens successfully?

I am sharing the skill with my Father and will be able to ensure we can successfully complete this activity by making sure I plan a time he is available during the week or weekend.

What do you want the other people to know/understand by the end of your arts skills share?

I hope by the end of the activity my Father feels more comfortable with his knowledge in playing guitar and that he hopefully wants to continue learning more chords in the future.

What will you do?

For this activity, I will make sure to draw a chord tab for each chord to reference them throughout the process when playing, and I will also explain to my Father the different strings and their names in hope that he will develop a stronger knowledge of the basics and that he understands more about approaching the technicality of the skill.

What practical things do you need to organise?

In terms of practicality all I need to prepare is my guitar and make sure I find a suitable room in my house where I can have enough space for my Father and I to practise it without getting distracted from outside noises.

How will you collect evidence of you doing your arts skill share?

To collect evidence of this skill I will be taking photographs of the process and documenting notes about each stage of teaching process.

How will you know if your arts skills share has gone well?

I will know if it has gone well by seeing if my Father can play the chords successfully and understand how to read a chord tab as a reference.

How will you collect feedback on how it went?

I will collect feedback of this art skill by asking my Father a few questions on how he felt the creative process went and what he felt I could have explained or taught better. 

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