Arts Skill Share - Review and Feedback

Review and Feedback of the Part D for my Arts Bronze Award

Arts Skill Share - Review and Feedback


Describe what skills you shared and how you did it: 

My art skill share was teaching my father how to play three chords on my acoustic guitar. To begin the ‘skill sharing’ process I first explained to my father the order of strings (EADGBE) and then explained the meaning of ‘fret boards’ and how they were relevant to his finger placement on the strings. After gathering the basics I showed him how to play the chords: Em, G and C. To do this I pointed at the specific strings and referenced the name of each one to try keep them fresh in his memory. Then lastly showed him how to position his fingers to strum the guitar. 

How do you think it went?

I believe it went very well, he picked up the basic guitar pointers quickly and strummed well. I tried to be as patient as possible in order to make the skill sharing enjoyable and avoid stress and frustration which is easy to arise. Overall, he seemed happy to learn the chords, although he struggled keeping the chord positions in place and pressing on the strings became slightly painful for him (as they are made from steel, not nylon), he generally was an easy candidate to teach. 

List up to three things that went well:

  1. My father positioned the guitar well which made the technical aspects of directing him on his strumming and chord placement work smoothly. 

  2. My father found playing the chord ‘Em’ easy which helped him gradually improve upon his positioning of the other chords, making the process enjoyable and exciting. 

  3. I was patient and explained clearly the guitar basics before we began the practical process, this helped ease the process before we delved into teaching. 

List up to three things you would do differently next time?

  1. I would teach my father about capo placement and show him more ways in which he can distort and manipulate the sound of the chords of which he learnt. 

  2. I would spend more time teaching him how to move from one chord to another fluidly, in order to help him develop his transitions. 

  3. I would show my father examples of guitar tabs and hopefully inspire him to progress towards playing songs.


(I am aware my guitar is missing the lower E string, sadly it snapped off) 

1. Em chord // 2. C Chord // 3. G Chord




Feedback - from participant (father)

What have you learnt?

I learnt the name of guitar strings and how to play the chords: Em, G and C. I was also taught a little bit about strumming and what a fret board is, specifically how it applies to positioning chords. 

What did you enjoy most about the activity and what did they do well?

I enjoyed playing the chords and strumming most as it was challenging yet exhilarating to play guitar and made me appreciate the technical craft of playing the instrument. 

What do you think could be improved for next time?

I feel I could improve upon my finger positioning of the chords as I struggled to hold down the strings in order for them to give off the desired sound. Next time I would ensure I firmly point the tips of my fingers on the strings more, to prevent them giving off a blunt sound. 

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