Face to Face: Celia Imrie with Terri Paddock

What better way to get an insight into the world of the award-winning actress than seeing her for myself?

Face to Face: Celia Imrie with Terri Paddock

In case you didn't know, Celia Imrie is a British actress, known for her roles in film & TV such as Dinner Ladies, Nanny McPhee, & The Best Excotic Marigold Hotel. Her appearance at Hightide Festival was an exclusive opportunity for the people of Aldeburgh & Suffolk to ask questions and find out about her experiences as one of Britain's household names. Of course, it was certainly interesting to hear her talk about her accomplishments and her experience as an actress with Terri Paddock, ranging from her work with the late Victoria Wood to her upcoming appearance in an American sitcom.

Sharing the same room with such an acclaimed actress is something I still can't quite get my head around, and I think that the rest of the audience felt the same way. Questions ranged from her experiences with auditions, how she handles stage fright, and the best question of the day: What advice would you give to young aspiring actors?

To that, she responded: You've got to put your heart into acting (as it's a very difficult industry to get into), and there's no point in doing any of it if you aren't going to be determined. She also mentioned what an american pianist told her when she was younger: "Remember to always make a nuisance of yourself"

Hearing Imrie talk offered confirmation that many stars are just like the rest of us, having worked hard throughout her life to achieve her current status. Many things we want in life are available through hard work and persistence, it's not that there are a few chosen 'special' ones. So I found it inspiring to see her relaxed in her seat and addressing the audience as fellow human beings.


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  • Marielle Henning

    On 12 January 2018, 14:41 Marielle Henning commented:

    That is really interesting!
    I would love to be able to talk/ask questions to a famous actor or actress; being able to speak to a person who is an expert in their field must be super special. And you're right, it is inspiring to realize that celebrities are just humans the same as the rest of us - it almost gives us extra strength and determination by letting us know that it is possible for an ordinary person to rise to great heights.

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