Nathan Caton: Straight Outta Middlesex

Just go see his show. You'll laugh, I get the feeling it will be different laughs every night.

Nathan Caton: Straight Outta Middlesex

Nathan exudes confidence and gives the most relaxed stand-up performance I've seen in a long time.

The show is pure observation, it's more of a conversation. He has some well prepared gags which he builds up to, he starts with an audience response and smoothly gets to his point. But it never felt planned like, oh he's asking about Waitrose shoppers, what joke will he give after? If he genuinely didn't know where it was leading then he has both led a great life of laughs a minute, and fantastic memory recall, wording something in to an excellently delivered joke effortlessly.

The audience was in the palm of his hand. Loving every line delivered. He even walked in to multiple fails with his audience interaction; mistaken relationships, offending a police officer shortly after joking about arrests and a few more. But every time these were laughed off with great humour, he pressed ahead with great gags and it just made Nathan feel more human and approachable.

And the humour was fresh. It wasn't like a show he wrote months ago. He provided many great observations on topics from the disturnances in Syria to the most recent protests & gun shootings in America. Big topics, not ones that would typically attract laughs. But the angles he took, the context he used, and the delicacy of his delivery resulted in a new way to appreciate the state of the world in which we live.

Tackling such big topics, drawing on past humours endeavours in his life as comparisons, and being so current is not an easy feat.

Nathan delivered excellent humour, in a reasonably intimate venue (which when you're quite used to watching him on TV like I am is a nice feeling), and I would highly recommend watching. It was packed though, so book your ticket!

Nathan Caton: Straight Outta Middlesex is on everyday at The 10 Dome, Pleasance Dome, until August 30th (not 17th) at 8pm.

Suitability: 14+.

Tickets and more information are available here.


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