The Greatest Magic Show Ever

For kids - this could well be the greatest magic show ever. A very fun family show which is sure to delight.

The Greatest Magic Show Ever

The stage is set as you walk in, mysterious magical items. Young children with their wands waiting excitedly for the show to start. From the off the energy is profoundly high, with audience and performers alike gelling. It’s very much a testament to the skills of the magicians, and makes this show more than just magic, but one that truly entertains and engages.

The ringmaster is joined by Justin & Sam for the show. But they’re also joined by a string of children from the audience throughout. Let’s just say it’s true to say ‘never work with children or animals’ as experienced in the show – the unpredictable nature of how they will respond throws the odd spanner. However, the performers were incredible with the children, steering the show on and keeping the children and audience comfortable at every stage. Skill, adaptability and energy sublime.

There are some good magic tricks through the show, although not loads performed. But it is a case of quality over quantity, and the focus on audience participation, storytelling and comedic scenes certainly makes this a watchable show for anyone. 

The show is well supported by the lighting & sound team; with all the elements working well together to create moments of suspense, moments of surprise and moments of comedy gold which had the children practically rolling on the floor laughing.

I would highly recommend anyone looking to entertain their children this August to go along to George Square and let them be immersed in some silly antics with gobsmacking outcomes.

Read our interview with Interview with Sam Hume, executive director of Showmen Productions here

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