Ali Woods: Best Friend Ever

A relatable comedy show that deals with some issues arising out of Covid-19 in a delicate but funny way, highlighting that it’s OK not to be OK and sharing some of the ways that you can help a friend struggling.

Ali Woods: Best Friend Ever

Exploring the tough topic of how to be a best friend to someone suffering from depression, this stand up comedy show is one to try if you’re looking to learn from someone’s own experience.

Ali is a natural performer that exhibited good pace, moved around the stage in a purposeful but relaxed way and engaged with the audience really well. Although it did take some time for the audience to warm up; something he directly acknowledged with the more vocal support from the front of the room.

The need to warm up probably stemmed from both the topic and the heat of the room – being sat on rather uncomfortable folding chairs where you were knee to chair and shoulder to shoulder with everyone else. Fantastic to have a completely packed room for the performer, but anything more than an hour would have been impossible to experience.

Another habit Ali had which detracted a little from the otherwise raw talent was the yelling to put a point across. In such a small room and with otherwise very good delivery – in timing, pace, volume and language – the various times yelling was brought in seemed unnecessary and interrupted the flow. It was done to add an element of shock and highlight points perhaps, but was a little uncomfortable to experience.

However, for the majority of the show, the journey he took the audience on to explain how he came to learn of his friend’s challenges, what they did together and how he helped, rightly garnered a laugh or two from the audience.

I understand this was Ali’s first show, and it was a very good one, showing some real promise for a career in stand-up comedy. And for most millennials especially, you will be able to relate and enjoy a good hour of advice and laughter.

Read out interview with Ali Woods here

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