Chris Dugdale: Sleightly Dishonest

A show jam-packed full of mind-blowing tricks, some so unbelievable, that you won't be able to stop your jaw from dropping open.

Chris Dugdale: Sleightly Dishonest

As a fairly big fan of magic, I was excited to see this show. I have seen some fairly good magic before, but Chris surpassed my expectations, frequently calling upon members of the audience to assist him, as time and time again he left the auditorium in a shocked silence.

At risk of giving something away, his ability to weave his tricks into one story that brought them all together, made the show fun and interesting for everyone to watch. I frequently heard gasps of shock and awe from the audience as they either realised what was about to happen, or saw a trick unfold in front of their eyes. I personally sat, unable to avert my eyes, for the duration of the show, like many others around me, ensuring that I didn't miss a beat.

Chris was charismatic and intriguing and captivated the audience quickly and easily. He held the audience's undivided attention from start to finish and was enchanting to watch. The intense, shocked silences and rapturous applause he received are testimony to this. His act included a mixture of standard card tricks and complicated illusions that were equally appreciated by everyone in the auditorium.

Overall, the show was an outstanding success. Everyone left incredibly impressed and wondering how he managed to pull off his tricks, which for me is the essence of why a magician does what he does. I absolutely loved this show and I can definitely recommend it!

Chris Dugdale: Sleightly Dishonest is on at 6:50pm every day until 31st August, excluding 17th.

Suitable for ages 12 and over.

For tickets and more information, click here


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