Joseph and the amazing Technicolor dream coat: A review

My review of Joseph and the amazing Technicolor dream coat at the Bristol Hippodrome, and my view on it. I hope this gives a detailed account if what I experienced. This is for my arts award so please feel free to leave feedback.

Joseph and the amazing Technicolor dream coat: A review

When I watched Joseph and the amazing Technicolor dream coat on the 8th of September 2022 I saw a range of performance skills shown through very talented actors from them singing and dancing live to the orchestra playing at a good volume but not overpowering the performer. 

I think that as the show went extremely well as there were various departments such as lighting, changing to correspond to the correct colour they were singing making the border of the stage seem magical and powerful. 

When I arrived at the theatre I walked up the stairs to the grand circle, where we were let in to our seat but outside you could buy drinks and food, sadly I couldn’t get my programme before the show started, so I went and sat down. The seats were in semi-circle shape facing the stage end on, allowing the sound to travel. Before the lights went down Jason Donovan came out, and delivered a heartfelt message about the queen‘s passing, and how they had the permission to let the show go on. During the interval the doors reopened allowing people to go and buy refreshments, this is when I brought my programme. After the intermission the story continued transporting us back into the magical world of singing and dancing. After the show had finished, the show left us with valuable life lessons about still being kind to those who have hurt or betrayed us. Then we all left the theatre via the stairs we came up.

This being my fifth or sixth time going to the theatre, I love the stage here as it seems to always be used to it’s full potential. The stage being large was used fantastically, I have seen many productions here and each time the stage magically transforms to bring you into another world; showing how set can drastically transform a big space with a border to give an open-paged type look, showing your story isn’t written and you can always change it in the future, and how even in bad times your life doesn’t close it just changes chapters. 

In summary, I really loved the performance. For me it created a visual of an old bible story and made sense of what life’s teachings are about being nice no matter what they’ve done to you. It was amazing to see the orchestra playing live music and made the performance feel more special and live. The use of the actors singing live made it feel like raw emotion was being put into the words sang, which you don’t always get with a cast recording, so it was cool to see the difference between the album and the live version. With a modern day take on a classic story made it seem more interesting and immersive for a audience.

After watching the performance, I was inspired to listen to the studio album, as the songs were highly catchy and got stuck in my head, so I felt like I had to learn the lyrics. Due to the detailed and intricate storytelling the show was really memorable for me and I could vividly remember some dance moves and lines that were really funny. 

I would undoubtedly recommend to go and watch this show, the immaculate story line creates another world full of mysticalness and wonder. It’s fun for little children to learn something important and be really drawn into a world thats not con by a screen to full grown adults who want to see a lighthearted show without being bored as if they were watching a children’s show as it has a wide audience range.

Watching this show, made me realise how much confidence can make you feel good and enjoy yourself, as I love the performing arts, but sometimes get caught up in my head and say but am now learning to believe in myself and it feels amazing, seeing this show I could tell the cast were working hard but loving every single minute of it. It also taught me how crucial other departments are in creating a show, for example sound and how integral it is to a story line, showing whats happening for example the time of day as we as humans would hear different things at different times of day to who someone is whether they’re a villain or a hero. This made me understand the hours and hours effort every single department puts into making a successful show.

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