The snow queen: A review

My review the performance of the snow queen at the tobacco factory theatre what I thought of it. I hope this is helpful and gives a detailed account of what I experienced. This is for my arts award so feel free to leave feedback.

The snow queen: A review

When I watched the snow queen at the tobacco factory theatre on the 17th of December 2022 I saw a variety of skills shown through very talented performers from them playing lived music and singing to them moving set to create different atmospheres. 

I believe that as the show went so well as there were so many departments such as lighting, sound and set design to allow the story to transport you completely into another world with different coloured lights connoting a range of emotions and environments really bringing the story to life with added use of live sound making it magical. 

When I arrived at the theatre I was lead up the stairs to a waiting cafe area where you could purchase drinks and food, sadly there was no programme, the seats were in a horseshoe shape and a seating plan was provided. The power the light have when they turn down is phenomenal, every went silent and the atmosphere changed showing that the show was about to begin. During the interval the story like world that had been created before us was disassociated, which was really helpful clearly defining how we make our own stories yet view others and don’t know anything unless we’re told, the doors open and the cafe was open again. After the intermission the wonder of the story continued, with the animal sounds coming from one of the actors really captured the angriness and short temper of wild animals, making us worry for the character and also build tension, which this play does magnificently over and over again making a danger then relieving it with humour or a safe situation. After the show had finished, the story-world left us with many valuable teachings in a myriad of ways leaving each person to draw their own conclusions yet everybody had been taught the same lesson about not judging a book by its cover. Then we all left the theatre.

This being my first time going to the theatre, I left with an  positive review and wish to return to see something else. The stage being small was used fantastically, I would like to see what else could come of an obstructed stage, and how the actors make sure everyone is engaged; also showing how set can drastically transform a little space into the night sky, with the use of shadow puppetry and cloud-like lighting. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the performance. For me it created another version of one of my favourite childhood films and the other adaptations it has had for example frozen. It was amazing to see the colours of the lights really reflect the feelings or the seasons in the show, creating a sense of time passing from summer to winter in a few seconds, with the character development changing even in those short periods of time was excellent. The use of the actors playing live music really enhanced the immersivity of the performance making it seem like a lot more effort was put in. With modern day jokes about the cost of living and train strikes made the old story more relatable and funnier for a modern audience.

After watching the performance, I was inspired to use this piece for my drama GCSE in the live theatre section, as it was highly memorable for me and I could remember some parts really vividly. Due to the impressive storytelling and intricate design which really helped me use the little details to show how everything is important. Really analysing the little details down to the little specks of snow on his clothes, or the Snow Queen being barefoot to show she didn’t feel the cold. 

I would highly recommend to go and see this show, the deep and detailed storytelling create a spectacular world full of magic and mystery. It’s great for little children to full grown adults who want to see a new version of a childhood classic.

Watching this show, made me realise how much confidence I need to build, as I love singing, dancing and acting but sometimes get caught up in my head and say ‘I can’t do it’ but seeing this performance made me feel more confident as I could tell the cast were having fun doing what their passion is. It also showed me how important other departments are in making a show, for example costume and how integral it is to a story line, showing whats happening, who someone is and when they are. This made me value the work and effort all departments put in to make a good show.

Header Image Credit: Tobacco factory theatre


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