Advisers - How to get the best out of Arts Award on Voice

Looking for help and inspiration for young people doing Arts Award? Arts Award on Voice offers a range of support and resources that you and your groups can access any time. It's free and has constantly changing content from young people who've been through Arts Award themselves. Young people can join easily here and they'll find relevant content for whatever level they're working towards.

Advisers - How to get the best out of Arts Award on Voice

So here's our top five tips for using Voice.

1. Young people can share their experiences and reviews

Voice is an open platform and we want to hear from Arts Award participants. Encourage young people to post their Arts Award reviews and opinion pieces while your group can also comment on each other's work. Our team will also add comments. View our Blogs & Reviews. Read Joshua's Gold opinion piece here or Jo's video about a similar topic 2 years earlier!

2. Get stories of Arts Award achievers

Hearing how others achieved their award can be inspiring for young people, especially at the beginning of their Arts Award journey. Check out our case studies to hear direct from achievers. We also interview those who are further on in their careers and find out what Arts Award led to. We'd love to feature your young people too - send them here.

3. Research into a particular career or art form

Our range of interviews with organisations and arts practitioners offer the perfect starting point for researching inspiring artists and the creative industries. These can contribute to Arts Award research at all levels.

4. 24/7 access to support in the Bronze and Gold Hubs

Our Bronze and Gold Hubs offer step-by-step guides to doing each part of Arts Award with real portfolio examples and handy tools. If a young person isn't sure what to do and they're not due to see their adviser straight away, Voice hubs can point them in the right direction.

5. Collate materials ready for an Arts Award portfolio

We have a page which explains how best to use Voice to complete parts of a portfolio. We've also got a page crammed full of resources for creating a digital portfolio.

Let's add two more bonus thoughts:

- Use the How-to Guides which offer a variety of practical tips and tools from young people and creatives

- When young people join Voice they become part of the Arts Award Youth Network where they can get discounts, careers advice, and join in with networking opportunities. Do encourage them to make the most of this!


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