How to celebrate art #LoveArtsAward15

As part of the celebrations of 15 years of Arts Award, we're running a competition to find out why you love the art you do. £50 arts voucher anyone? Yes please! 

How to celebrate art #LoveArtsAward15

To enter the competition you just need to take a picture or create a 15 second video or audio clip showing why you love art.  Read on for some ideas about how to celebrate art...

So, how do we make art about art?

Step 1. Many ways! Firstly, choose your art form. What do you like to do? Painting, graffiti art, sound art, write scripts, dancing? Anything where you're creating something new counts as art. Do your research, whether you check out a cool artist on Instagram or attend one of our free masterclasses with professional artists You could Dance with Project X or learn how to make others laugh with Archie Maddox

Step 2. Secondly, plan a little. What would your finished piece look like? What message do you want to get across? Can you work alone or do you need to work with someone to make it happen? Write your ideas down, sketch them out or even film yourself talking about your ideas so you have a record of your thought process. You might find that your end product is a lot different from your starting idea! 

How does your chosen art form make you feel when you look at it, interact with it or make it? Think about art and what you love about it and the influence it can have on people. What inspires you?

For theme inspiration, check out artist Marisa Rehana Mann who uses her art to aid the planet

A good plan can be useful for your Arts Award portfolio if you want to use the competition to add to your project. 

Step 3. Make something! Give yourself a bit of creative time. It doesn't matter how long it takes, half an hour or three days, take your time to make your art YOUR way. 

Step 4. Enter the #LoveArtsAward15 competition and share a 15-second snippet of your art work.

So, you've taken the time to make your art, you're proud of it and you feel like it communicates a message you want others to hear. What's next? Share it with the world! To enter the #LoveArtsAward15 competition you simply need to take a photo, audio recording or video-clip of your art work and share it with @Voicemaguk Twitter or Instagram. It could even be a GIF! Anything that captures your handy-work for the world to see. Why 15-seconds? 1 second of every year that Arts Award has helped creativity to flourish. 

Enter #LoveArtsAward15 by 15 November for a chance to win a £50 arts voucher of your choice. 

Stuck for ideas? Here are a few to start you thinking

10 ideas to create art about art  

  • Write and perform a monologue about a character who's obsessed with art
  • Produce a montage dance piece that re-creates famous art pieces from around the world
  • Write a song to the Mona Lisa from the point of view of the painter Leonardo da Vinci
  • Perform a stand-up piece about someone who hates art and why
  • Create a collage using pictures of your favourite pieces of art
  • Play a solo piece on your instrument of choice about your favourite art piece
  • Write a homage to a particular artist
  • Embroider a mask 
  • Make a stop motion animation of a character going to an art gallery
  • Tell the story of a piece of art coming to life in a short film or animation 

And another 10...

  • Re-create your favourite piece of art using paints, graffiti or pencils 
  • If the Scream could talk, what would they be saying? 
  • If Vincent Van Gogh was alive today, what would he create? 
  • Interpretative dance - how it feels when you dance 
  • Create a poster to tell others how to make your signature art
  • Create a sequence list of different pieces of art that are linked in some way e.g. pieces about the environment
  • Record the 'soundscape' of how art makes you feel 
  • Write a duologue with a friend using lyrics from your favourite songs 
  • Create a group painting showing all the different arts that have influenced your life
  • Write a poem with borrowed lines from your favourite poems

Don't forget to record your activities for your Arts Award portfolios, and share it with @Voicemaguk Instagram or Twitter by 15 November if you want a chance to win a £50 arts voucher! 

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If you're doing your Arts Award at home, check out our Bronze, Silver and Gold hubs for support and advice on what to do, or our Culture at Home Voicebox for arts interviews and inspiration. 

Arts Award alumni? Check out our keeping in touch newsletter 2020 for the latest career advice, interviews and industry news to continue making waves with your career. Or join the Arts Award Voice Community hub for access to alumni benefits and discounts. 


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