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Some Alumni

Cat SercombeWhere has your Arts Award taken you? Perhaps you’ve bagged a place on a great course or you may be deep in the world of work. We’re delighted that you want to stay in touch.

Through Arts Award KIT we bring you news from the arts world and Arts Award alumni, updates on what’s happening at Arts Award and some useful resources for your career.

Wishing you the very best of luck with the next steps in your journey! 
Cat Sercombe, Head of Arts Award

Arts Award alumni — what happened next

You’ll find Arts Award achievers in many career paths, both in and beyond the arts. This year we’re highlighting some interesting roles in the creative industries. Tell us about your latest projects so we can celebrate your success – just update your Voice Profile.

Idriss - Film Maker
Harriet - Stage Management
Chris - Musician
Anna - Dancer

Each year we track down Arts Award alumni to find out what they're up to.  Check out our word cloud for this year's results - with director, workshop assistant, marketing and gallery roles cited most often.

While many alumni end up in arts jobs, the skills you gain - like creative thinking, leadership and communication -  are also valuable for people who become doctors, engineers, teachers, accountants and many other professions.

If you can't see your own job role, just update your Voice profile to share your career path!

Chris Hill, featured above, recently told Music Teacher magazine how Arts Award helped him to broaden his artistic range beyond classical music: Are musicians artists?

News from Arts Award

Arts Award goes from strength to strength with over 440,000 awards now achieved, and you’ll bump into Arts Award alumni wherever you go. If you’re working with young people, why not train to be an Arts Award adviser and keep the flag flying? Remember that you get 15% discount! Find out more here.

You can train to run Discover/Explore if you’re working with under 11s or Bronze/Silver for 11+ and you can now train to run Gold even if you haven’t trained in the earlier levels. Once you’re trained, there’s plenty of support on hand – including remote support sessions from Arts Award specialists and a range of webinars that you can watch live or offline.

Fun Palaces
Arts Award and Fun Palace Producers and Makers are looking for young leaders. Check it out – you could be a Fun Palace Maker, and either work towards a new Arts Award or help facilitate other young people to achieve theirs.

Historic Royal Palaces
It’s all about palaces this year! Arts Award is working with Historic Royal Palaces to create interactive arts trails around Hampton Court and a new Arts Award programme at Kensington Palace soon. Might appeal if you’re an Art & Design or Textiles student.


Your Arts Award experience

Thank you for telling us what you’ve found most useful in your Arts Award experiences – it’s brilliant to hear how valuable Arts Award has been in growing your skills. Here’s a taste of what you said:

‘Organising events’, ‘learning artistic skills’, ‘the ability to work to my own specifications, timetable and discover new opportunities’, ‘allowing me to develop my passion and have an outlet for my creativity’, ‘inspiration for my own work’, ‘an insight into the life of a professional musician’ and ‘gaining valuable skills’.

Please share your reflections by updating your Voice Profile. Your feedback helps the Arts Award team improve and develop the programme for the many thousands of young people that will come next.

What's on offer for Alumni?

We offer useful benefits and support for young people who’ve done an Arts Award. Sign up for a wide range of discounts from Benefits Cloud or take advantage of these offers at the Arts Award Voice Community hub

 A big thank you to everyone who’s been involved over the past few years in shaping this offer – please keep your suggestions coming to [email protected]!