Digital Creatives

Digital Creatives

Digital media can sometimes be overlooked when considering artistic practice and creativity, and we wanted to change that!

With support from Arts Council England, and in partnership with Space Face Films, we sought out three digital creatives in the West Midlands to tell us about the work they're producing, the things that inspire them, and what advice they would give to young people who want to follow in their footsteps and enter the creative industry. 

Rosa Francesca

Rosa Francesca uses digital technology to create inclusive interactive experiences that combine art and the body. Her portfolio includes the facial recognition escape game ‘Gallery of You’, and Cinematica, which used an ECG monitor in conjunction with an XY pen plotter to create visual art.

You can find more of Rosa's work over on her Instagram page.

Carlton Matthews

illustrator Carlton Matthews uses digital technology to really bring his art to life. Carlton talks about his recent project ‘Social Suicide’, which – although unplanned – pay perfect homage to ‘the old way of life’ in a pre-Covid-19 world. 

Carlton Matthews can be found on Instagram or on his website

Benjamin Simon

Dancer and music producer Benjamin 'Lotus' Simon is taking his practice to all new levels through digital media. Being able to look across genres and generations of music and dance, he is able to blend it all together to create something totally unique and inspired.

Top tips for starting your creative practice

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