Artists workshops with Voice magazine

We are excited to bring our ever popular Artist Workshops back for 2024. Once a month we will be publishing an interview a practicing artist, and asking them to create a simple workshop that you can follow at home to get a sense of their world. 

These workshops are great for anyone curious about the creative sector, and perfect for anybody doing an Arts Award!

2024 Artist workshops with Voice

Fashion workshop with Mini’s World founder Adwoa Owusu: Watch the interview

Understand more about fashion, entrepreneurship and styling in this short workshop

Creating collages with Annete Sagal: Watch the interview

Learn how to make your own collage in five simple steps. 

Creative movement with Christopher Radford: Watch the interview

Christopher guides us in a creative movement task in five simple steps

2020 Artist Workshops

Thanks to Arts Council England, we ran 12 live online artist workshops and if you missed them you can still check in! Perfect if you're doing Arts Award and need to find out about an artist's work and career.

From artists to actors, we've got an insightful series planned for you. First we hear from the artist on Instagram where they do a live demonstration or performance followed by an interview with one of our Voice Contributors. Then each artist has provided a creative task that you can try for yourself to develop your own skills. Explore the series below...

2020 Artist workshops with Voice 

ArtistsHow-to details 
How to make a cover song your own with Marsela: Watch the interview

The talented Marsela delivers an exclusive performance on Instagram and demonstrates how to take a cover song and make it your own.
Performing drums for different genres with Lola Warman: Watch the interviewFormer Trinity College London student and Grade 8 drummer, Lola Warman, performs the drums live on Instagram and demonstrates how to play for different genres.
Choreographing for film with Margo Roe: Watch the interviewMargo Roe is a writer, director and choreographer from the Midlands, UK. Margo’s recent short film ‘Searching for Cowardice’ was created as part of the BBC New Creatives programme
An introduction to poetry with Theresa Lola: Watch the interviewTheresa Lola is a British Nigerian poet, events programmer, workshop facilitator, and is currently the Young People's Laureate for London. She'll be exploring an introduction to writing poetry.
Approaching character from Akash Prasad: Watch the interview
Akash Prasad is a British actor, producer and writer who produced and starred in his own short film 'Built to Be', alongside BAFTA-winning actor Adam Deacon. He'll be exploring methods for creating a character as an actor and tips on how to stay productive when not acting on set.

How to create a soundboard with artist Molly Macleod: Watch the interview

Molly Macleod is a multidisciplinary artist working within the intersection of art and science, creating interactive sound installations and performances addressing the relationship between sound, technology and the human body. We caught up with Molly about her creative career and how to visualise sound.

How to aid the planet through art with Marisa Rehana Mann: Watch the interviewWe caught up with environmental artist Marisa Rehana Manna about environmental influences on her visual artwork. Marisa took us through a workshop on how to use mono-printing and create a stencil. 
How to Sing with Joanne Roughton-Arnold: Watch the interview 

Test out your opera singing skills with professional singer Joanne Roughton-Arnold, a lyric coloratura soprano with a flair for contemporary music and a range of over three octaves. 
Graffiti art with Sinna One: Watch the interview

Explore the art of graffiti with a LIVE demonstration from artist and illustrator Sinna One. Sinna One is an artist and illustrator from Brighton, who works predominantly in spray paint to create murals and street paintings. There are definitive influences from graffiti and street art in his work, his style and the techniques he adopts to create art.

Dance with Project X: Watch the interviewTwist and turn, lengthen and strengthen, flex and float and wave your body with multi-disciplinary Project X, an organisation that platform dance of the African and Caribbean Diaspora.
Conceptualise a shoot with Louis Femi Adebowale: Watch the interview
Find out how to conceptualise a shoot and ensure that your end product matches the commissioner's vision with freelance video editor and photographer Louis Femi Adebowale.

Comedy with Archie Maddocks: Watch the interview

In times like these, who doesn’t love a good laugh? Voice caught up with hilarious comedian and writer, Archie Maddocks, about what he has been up to lately, and how he has weathered the Covid-19 storm.