Action Plan!

A plan of action to (hopefully) keep me on the right track!

My end project will be a short manga retelling one of the Greek myths in my art form. So what is required for this?

Research on which myth I want to do. The internet will be good for this, but I also have books on quite a few of the Greek myths for research. When I have chosen said myth (or story), I will do more research on the characters involved and the symbolism around them to add to my manga.

When scripting the manga, I need information on the creation process used in professional settings, which I currently know nothing about. To the internet again, I guess. Having a look at professional manga artists will be useful as well, and looking at the university in Japan that offers manga courses will also help. Oh, and also the history of manga, although I might do this before looking at the creation process.

Art-wise, I have a lot of practise to do with almost all aspects. Once I have decided which myth I am retelling, I will have characters to draw. Since my art style is very different to the sculptures and paintings (being from a completely different continent), I will have to create a new image of the deities in this style, using the sculptures as help of course, but also their symbolism. This is where concept art comes in handy, so creating some will be useful not just for that, but also for drawing emotions and poses. These will be done digitally on a drawing tablet.

And it’ll all be recorded through a blog, which I’ll try to update every two weeks or so. Keeping to this timetable may or may not help my motivation, but we’ll see.

So, in short:

1. Research on both myths and the manga-creation process (internet mostly, but I have a couple of books on Greek myths at home I can use). The history of manga is going to be researched, as well as specific manga artists. Also seeking advice from professionals about narrative illustrations and other forms.

2. Practise the parts of my art style I consider weaker:

  • Drawing hands
  • Interactive backgrounds
  • Boys and adults
  • Realistic emotions
  • Digital art with my tablet
  • Character sheets with different angles

3. Move onto scripting by storyboarding until I'm happy with it (done by drawing, of course, but writing it as well)

4. Draw out the finished piece!


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