A Reflection On My Strengths and Weaknesses

Exactly what it says on the tin.

The art form I’m most interested in is Japanese manga (and anime for TV). I started copying official Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh (two franchises I really enjoy) artwork for fun, but then began to like the art as a whole.

And then, from copying official art, I started to get better at drawing figures in general. Though I’m no expert, I’ve gotten much better at the basic anatomy for manga people, specifically girls. I have started drawing them in poses that aren’t static as well, but that’s recent and not something I’ve practised too much. However, this is obviously something I have to improve upon.

My strengths definitely include drawing girls and creating female characters in general. From a narrative point of view, I really enjoy writing backstories and personalities for characters I probably will do nothing with. I also like the whole design process and showing their personalities through choice of clothing style (especially using colour theory for personalities).

The things I would particularly like to improve upon includes backgrounds for starters. I usually design a character in a static standing pose and leave it at that. What I want to improve is putting them into a small world where they show personality and humanity, interacting with their surroundings as a normal person would. Oh, and hands, which I’m not the best at. And possibly boys as well, considering I only seem to draw girls because I find them a lot easier! Another thing I'm going to do is practise drawing characters from all different angles on character sheets, since I don't actually draw them from different sides (well, full body at least). It's just not something I'm familiar with.

Something else I'm currently experimenting with is digital art, which I've picked up fairly recently. It allows me to use a full colour wheel, experiment with different shading techniques, and use different layers. However, I'm certainly not an expert. (I don't know what half the icons in GIMP are for!) So, practising drawing on my tablet is something I want to do.

But the main thing I want to improve is telling a story through my pictures. This will be my arts challenge.


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