Studio 2 - John Charles Exhibition

John Charles exhibition and latest commission reveal

Held at studio 2 Liverpool

Written by Danni Skelding 

Down at Studio 2, Liverpool. I had the loveliest little night at the event held in club Boho. The event was held in support of local artists. A place for the artists to come together to share their talents with the public. 

The event consisted of an aspiring indie band playing enjoyable music for the small crowd of visitors, with an exhibition open for display. Here the latest commission of John Charles was revealed. Also on display along side Johns art, were a few other pieces of work created by fellow artist Ian Grant. 

The reveal of John's latest piece of art was thrilling! Having viewed some of his other work at his previous Solo exhibition in St Helens, I was so compelled to view more of his work. His latest commission revealed an astonishing painting of a huge lion produced on canvas. The lion gives off a very fierce and bold type of vibe when viewing it. Perhaps this is to symbolise how John is feeling in thus current stage of his career. There was also some of Johns previous art on display at the event which was also a pleasure to view. I was very moved by the skeleton painting, you really get the sence of the "drained emotions" that the image seems to be implying. There were also a few abstract images included in the exhibition, created by upcoming artist Ian Grant. These pieces of art were very unique and cartoonesque. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing them on my visit.

Before the event was over I had the wonderful opportunity to meet John Charles himself in the flesh. He attended the event to show his appreciation to the public for coming. We spoke for a while about his artwork and I even luckily managed to grab a selfie with him! I am ever so grateful for this experience. The event at club boho was a huge success and all the artists showed great talent. I thoroughly enjoyed the art aswell as the music and hope to experience more events like this in the future. 

Header Image Credit: John Charles


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