St Helens World Of Glass

Visit to the St Helens World of Glass Museum

Written by Danni Skelding 

On the 10th July I came to visit the St Helens world of glass. Here I was able to visit an amazing range of Art. From the Godfrey Pilkington Gallery, the John Charles Exhibition and a tour of glass sculptures.

The Godfrey Pilkington gallery had some intriguing detailed paintings, some pieces showing an artists outlook on homelessness and some showing the towns industrial history

On display for the public was a range of intricate, detailed paintings within the Godfrey Pilkington gallery. Also the palette knife technique used throughout some of the paintings was brilliant. I really liked this exhibition. For me the Godfrey Pilkington gallery had some beautiful artwork, however had a lack of artwork throughout its display. I feel it would have been a better experience during the visit to have been able to see more of it.

To my amazement here at the world of glass, was the Manchester Airport Chandelier. Sculpted by Venini, the innovative venetian glass manufacturer. The chandelier was spectacular. This magnificent crystal sculpture caught my eye straight away.

From this experience I have also learned how glass is created and it can be blew into some beautiful pieces of art. 

Overall I really enjoyed this experience, my visit here was lovely. The sculptures, artwork and galleries were all so fascinating to learn about. I think many other members of the public would have a fantastic time here too. I hope to visit more places as interesting as these here at St Helens World of Glass.


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